Mitered Corner Baby Blanket

Carefully cutting each square of fabric will result in more precise mitered corners.

For 36” square blanket, cut:

  • One 32” square of flannel for the front of blanket
  • One 42” square of flannel for the back of blanket

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Step #1: Prepare Fabric

  • Remove the selvage edge.
  • Cut two pieces of contrasting fabric using the dimensions listed above.

Note: On each piece of fabric, identify and mark the lengthwise grain (same as selvage edges) and the crosswise grain (direction with the most give when lightly stretched).

step 1

Step #2: Align and Pin

  • -Mark the centers on all four sides of both pieces.
  • Beginning along one edge, place fabric right sides together, matching the center marks. Pin in place.
  • Make sure that the excess material has the same measurement on each end.

step 2

step 2

Step #3: Create Stop Points

  • On the smaller piece of fabric, mark ¼” from each side at the corner and place a pin for a “stop point.” Do so for both corners along the side you are pinning.
  • Sew a ¼” seam from one stop point to the other.
  • Repeat for the opposite side (match centers, pin stop points, and sew).

Stop Points: sew to it, not through it!

step 3

step 3

Step #4: Sew Remaining Seams

  • Repeat (match centers, pin stop points, and sew) on the last two sides, leaving a 6” opening in the middle of one side for turning.
  • There will be excess material at each corner once all of the sides have been sewn.

step 4

Step #5: Miter Corners

  • Holding the corner, fold the blanket so the two seam edges meet.
  • Mark a line at a 90º angle from the fold to the stop point.
  • Stitch along this line. Trim all but ¼” of the excess.
  • Repeat for each corner.

step 5

Tip: You don’t even need a ruler for this step. Simply use the corner of a sheet of paper. Align with the fold, not the raw edge.

step 5

step 5

Step #6: Press and Turn

  • Lay the blanket out flat, small piece on top. Notice that the back panel folds over the front.
  • Press the seams toward the outside edges.
  • Turn the blanket right side out through the gap.
  • Use a pin or point turner to square the corners.

step 6

Step #7: Finish

  • Lay the blanket flat so the border is an equal width on all sides.
  • Pin around the blanket at the seams and at the opening where you turned the blanket being careful to fold the seam allowance under.
  • Press the blanket flat, then top stitch around the blanket by the seam edge (on border side of seam).

step 7

final product


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