Easy Hot Pad

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Supplies needed:

  • 8 ½" Insul-Bright batting 8
  • ½" cotton batting
  • 9" fabric matching thread
  • 1 small plastic ring
  • Sewing machine
  • Basic sewing supplies (see Basic sewing supplies)

Diagram Key:





right side

Right side

wrong side

Wrong side

Cutting instructions:

Step #1

  • Cut 1 - 8 1/2" Square of Insul-Bright TM batting
  • Cut 1 - 8 1/2" Square of cotton batting
  • Cut 2 - 9" Squares of Fabric



wrong side

wrong side

Hot pad construction:

Step #1

  • Place Cotton batting square on wrong side of the fabric square. Place Insul-Bright TM on wrong side of the other fabric square.

step 1

step 1

Step #2

  • Machine quilt both of the squares. One square with a straight stitching and the other with a curved free hand design keeping the fabric and batting flat.

step 2

step 2

Step #3

  • Pin quilted squares right sides together

step 3

Step #4

  • Stitch a 5/8" seam starting 2 inch from the edge. Backstitch at the beginning and sew to 5/8 "from the edge of the fabric. Lower the needle in the down position and pivot the hot pad. Continue sewing a 5/8" seam around the hot pad pivoting at each corner. Leave a 4" opening and backstitch.

step 4

Step #5

  • Clip corners of the hot pad to the stitching line but not through it. Press flat to set the seam.

step 5

Step #6

  • Turn the square to the right side making sure the corners and sides are pulled completely out.
  • Press

step 6

Step #7

  • Tuck seam allowance in and pin closed. Top- stitch using the edge of the presser foot as a guide. Pivot at each corner and overlap 4 to 5 stitches.

step 7

Step #8

  • Hand stitch small plastic ring in on corner of hot pad.

step 8


Susan Haws, USU Extension Agent, Uintah County; Debra Proctor, USU Extension Agent, Wasatch County; Ronda Olsen, USU Extension Agent, Uintah County

Susan Haws

Susan Haws

Extension Associate Professor / Sewing and Textiles / Summit County

Home and Community Department

Phone: (435) 336-3218
Office Location: Summit County

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