First things first. Before you can build your financial future you need to take care of your personal and financial present.  No, not the gift kind of present.  We are talking about the
here and now.

A few questions to get started.

Personal Life
Do I have a good to excellent Credit Score?
Is my personal debt manageable?
Am I healthy and physically able?
Do I have great family support?

Your Idea
Do I have a well defined target market?
Does my idea solve a common problem?
Do I have training or experience in this area?

Do I have personal assets of value that I am willing to risk such as a home, land and savings?
Can I start this business without borrowing money?
Do I have family or partners willing to finance me?
Do I have a great relationship with my banker?

These questions just scratch the surface of business preparation.

If you answered more questions with a "yes", go to the full assessment: 

 Small Business Readiness Assessment Tool  

If you have answered no more than yes, additional information to help improve personal financial management is available.