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What is USU Extension?

With offices covering Utah's 29 counties, Utah State University Extension provides research-based community education, resources and programs in the areas of agriculture and natural resources; business and community; food, health, and wellness; home, finance, and relationships; and 4-H and youth.

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USU Extension offers expertise and pertinent information specific to the needs of our county

Youth and 4-H
4- H Is the nation’s largest youth organization with more than 6 million youth members.

Teaches youth leadership, citizenship, and life skills using a “learn by doing” approach and is an educational program that provides wholesome, fun activities with programs designed to engage youth in hands-on learning activities.

Programming is provided through the caring support of adult volunteers and mentors, who inspire youth to work collaboratively, take the lead on their own projects and set and achieve goals with confidence.

If you would like to volunteer to lead/assist a club or sign up a youth, please contact Ashley Durlach-Kondos at 435-797-1483 or visit to enroll. Visitors are welcome but if you want to ensure a meeting, please set up an appointment prior to coming to the office.

Helpful Links:
4-H and Youth Programs

Agriculture & Natural Resources

If you need assistance with anything relating to Agriculture, Natural Resources, Gardening/Horticulture, Landscaping, etc. within or near Grand County, Utah, please reach out to our Agriculture & Natural Resource Agent- Cory Farnsworth at 435-797-1485 or If you would like to be added to an email list serve about upcoming events please request it via email. Office visits are welcomed but we may not be in our office while performing business related tasks so making an appointment is advised. Our AGNR agent will help perform diagnostics, research, and provide accurate information to help you be successful.

In addition to providing you with information to your questions, we also have booklets for sale in our office and we have equipment available for you to use. Depending on the equipment, a rental fee or deposit may be required to ensure that damaged, lost, or worn items can be replaced. Please consult us in advance to schedule a time to use our tools.

Tools available to borrow/use:

  • A large egg incubator (capable of holding 300 chicken eggs)
  • Animal Traps (It is illegal to relocate wildlife in Utah, raccoons are non-native to Utah and by law must be euthanized if caught, in an effort to help with nuisance animal problems we provide the following)
    • Dog proof raccoon traps
    • Large heavy duty cage traps
    • gopher traps (gophinator)
    • Squirrel multi-catch cage traps (squirrelinator)
  • Soil Probes (you need to send your samples off to a lab but you can borrow our probes)
  • Lawn Watering Catch Cups (to help you know if you are watering the correct amount)
  • Forage/hay probe
  • Manual lawn aerator
  • If there are workshops/topics/research you’d like to see in the future please let me know

We held our first Master Gardener Program this year. We plan to hold this every year as long as there is interest. Please contact us for more information.

Helpful Links:
Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab
Soil Testing Lab
Utah Pest Calendar
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Home and Community

If you need assistance with anything related to Business and Community, Food, Health & Wellness, Home, Finance & Relationships within Grand County, please reach out to our Home and Community Agent Maria Jose Velasco Burgos at 435-797-1482.

Helpful links:

Business & Community 

Food, Health & Wellness 

Home, Finance and Relationships 


USU Extension Grand County Contact Information


e-cigarette prevention main
Ashley Bunton
Grand County
Ashley Bunton

Ashley Bunton

Prevention Coordinator | Grand County


Grand County
Ashley Durlach-Kondos

Ashley Durlach-Kondos

Grand County Extension 4-H & Program Assistant


horticulture agent
agriculture and natural resources
cory farnsworth
Grand County
local irrigation
Cory Farnsworth

Cory Farnsworth

Professional Practice Extension Assistant Professor | Agriculture and Natural Resources | Grand County


e-cigarette prevention
maria velasco
home and community
create better health
Grand County
Maria Velasco

Maria Velasco

Extension Assistant Professor I Home and Community I Social Determinants of Health I Interim Latino Program Director I Create Better Health

(435) 797-1482

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