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    Due to COVID-19 concerns we are requesting that our clients contact us via phone or email and not come to our physical location for assistance. Click here for our faculty and staff contact information.

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    Livestock Tagging Due to COVID-19 we have made changes to how we are doing Livestock Tagging 

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    weedy garden Should You Weed your Flowers or Garden?

    To weed or not to weed? There are many reasons we should control weeds: to improve the visual appeal of our landscape, to reduce allergens, to increase the yields in our garden, and to be a good neighbor. We know managing weeds can be a lot of work, so here are three tips to help you control them.

    Know your weeds. Weeds are usually classified as broadleaf weeds or narrowleaf weeds. Knowing this is especially useful when choosing chemical control methods for certain parts of the landscape. Read which methods will work the best for your situation in our Landscape and Garden Weed Control guide. Our Common Weeds of the Yard and Garden guide may also be helpful. 

    Know when to control your weeds. As a general rule, weeds should be killed or removed before they have grown so large that they become difficult to control, and also before they have the chance to set seeds. 

    Stop weed germination with physical or chemical barriers. Commercial weed fabrics and homemade weed barriers such as cardboard do an excellent job of preventing weeds from germinating or growing in the first place. Preemergent herbicides can be used to kill or inhibit weed seedlings from emerging while not damaging established plants. For instance, it may be useful to apply a preemergent herbicide if you have established perennials or you are transplanting your flowers and vegetables. These herbicides should not be used if you are planning on sowing seeds into your garden or flowerbeds, as they will prevent your seeds from sprouting. 

    Hope these tips are helpful! Happy gardening! 

    The USU Extension Team


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