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    Due to COVID-19 concerns we are requesting that our clients contact us via phone or email and not come to our physical location for assistance. Click here for our faculty and staff contact information.

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    • Our Garden Help Desk is available via 385-268-6530 or gardenhelp@usu.edu. Responses may take up to 5-7 business days. Due to Covid-19, we are currently unable to analyze samples at our office. In lieu of physically coming in, please call or send pictures to the email provided above. 
    • To learn more about our diagnostic services, click here
    • For the fastest results, join USU Extension's Facebook Group, Utah's Gardening Experts


    Homegrown Horticulture

    Check out our new Podcast, Homegrown Horticulture, from USU Extension Gardening Expert, Taun Beddes. 

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