Create An Online Course

Level 3 Course Creation Guide


Purposes of a Level 3:

A series of Level 2 courses

Recommendations for a Level 3:

  • Assisted by Instructional Designers
  • Revenue Generating
  • Assessment

Step 1: Create Multiple Level 1 or 2 Courses

Examples include:

  • A series of classes that can be marketed as a package deal
  • A suite of classes that lead toward a certification
  • A program that includes multiple badges


Step 2: Complete a Development Plan

This form helps determine the scope and the needs of the project so that a realistic timeline can be developed for publishing a Level 3 series. Bring this plan to step 3.


Step 3: Work with Marketing

Marketing will need to see the Level 1 or 2 course that will be used in the Level 3 series. Determine if there are specialized marketing-related costs. Marketing can help combine the listings into several courses and determine delivery platforms, audiences, and new ways to promote this series of courses.