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Specialist Association Bylaws and Award Guidelines

This document provides bylaws and guidelines for those who are members of the USU Extension Specialists Association.

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Dave Dahlgren, Wildlife Habitat and Ecosystem Management Specialist

Cris Meier
, Community Resource and Economic Development Specialist

Mair Murray, IPM Project Leader; ipm.usu.edu

Career Award

Previous Winners

2022 - Kelly Kopp
2021 - Kerry Rood
2020 - Larry Rupp
2019 - Kynda Curtis
2018 - David Wilson
2017 - Nancy Mesner
2016 - Ralph Whitesides
2015 - Diane Alston
2014 - Marion Bentley
2013 - Dale Zobell
2012 - Debra Spielmaker
2011 - Brian Higginbotham
2008 - Michael Kuhns
2007 - DeeVon Bailey
2006 - Dan Drost
2005 - Ruby Ward
2004 - Dallas Holmes
2001 - Bob Hill
1999 - Terry Mesmer

Career Award Guidelines

  • Eligibility:  All Specialists
  • Effectively uses a variety of educational methods, such as mass media, publications, high-tech methods and direct teaching
  • Conducts, publishes and disseminates applied research
  • Generates monetary and cooperative support for programs
  • Works well with colleagues in counties and department
  • Works with enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile

Innovative Program Award

Previous Winners

2022 - Roslynn Brian McCann/Jake Powell
2021 - Jessie Hadfield
2020 - Karl Hoopes
2019 - Celina Wille
2017 - Ryan Davis
2016 - Stacey MacArthur
2015 - Kynda Curtis
2014 - Kelly Kopp
2013 - Ruby Ward
2012 - Marion Murray
2009 - Dale Zobell
2008 - Dan Drost
2007 - Kim Chapman/Dale ZoBell
2006 - Ross Jacobson
2005 - Ruby Ward
2004 - Michael Kuhns
2001 - Charlotte Brennard

Innovative Program Award Guidelines

  • Eligibility:  All Specialists
  • The program involves non-traditional clientele, unique delivery methods, and collaboration with other personnel, agencies or academic units
  • Development of non-traditional resources and support base to maintain the program
  • The program is effective overall, with publications, dissemination of results, impacts, interaction in the academic unit, and applied research 

New Specialist Award

Previous Winners

2022 - Lendel Narine
2021 - Jake Powell
2020 - Matt Yost
2019 - Sandra Sulzer
2018 - Lori Spears
2017 - Karl Hoopes
2016 - Roslynn Brain
2015 - Claudia Nischwitz
2014 - Ricardo Ramirez
2013 - Earl Creech
2012 - Karin Allen
2009 - Marion Murray
2008 - Brent Black
2007 - Heidi Kratsch
2006 - Dave Francis
2005 - Eric Hawley
2004 - Debra Jones
2003 - Kelly Kopp
2001 - Karen Biers
1994 - Dan Drost
1993 - Terry Mesmer
1991 - Diane Alston

New Specialist Award Guidelines

  • Eligibility:  Less than 3 years as a specialist
  • Development of an effective program
  • Good interaction in academic unit

Cooperator Award

Previous Winners

2022 - Steven J. Price
2021 - Matt Garcia
2020 - Eric Thacker

Cooperator Award Guidelines

The ability of USU Extension to serve our clientele successfully is dependent upon positive specialist and agent interaction. County faculty and specialists share the responsibility for meeting the needs of clients throughout the state of Utah by “Extending the University” in a team effort. Therefore, it is vital that positive relationships be established and sustained. Such relationships improve our ability to better serve our clientele and make a greater impact on people’s lives.

  • Eligibility:  A single award is given to either a Specialist or a county faculty, where this person has demonstrated: 
    • Joint development or significant improvement of one or more essential Extension programs
    • The Extension program(s) was jointly implemented, advanced, and/or administered
    • One or more positive measurable impacts occurred as a result of the Cooperator’s work

Team Award

Previous Winners

2021 - Matt Yost and the USU Crops Team
2020 - Sandra Sulzer and Team for Master Health Volunteer Program


  • Eligibility:  All Specialists; A single award is given to the team leader, but all members may be recognized at the award ceremony
  • The Team shall consist of one or more specialists working with two or more agents to jointly develop or significantly improve an Extension program
  • The team members jointly implemented, advanced, and/or administered the Extension program in multiple counties
  • One or more positive measurable impacts occurred through this program’s implementation and/or adoption

Association Presidents

2022/23 Jake Powell
2021/22 Denise Stewardson
2020/21 Mair Murray
2019/20 Karl Hoopes
2018/19 Terry Messmer
2017/18 David Frame
2016/17 Brent Black
2015/16 Earl Creech
2014/15 Roslynn Brain
2013/14 Kynda Curtis
2012/13 Karin Allen
2011/12 Rhonda Miller
2010/11 Grant Cardon
2009/10 Pat Evans
2008/09 Scott McKendrick
2006/07 Ruby Ward
2005/06 Mike Kuhns


Please Note:

If you see any errors, or know of missing award winners, please contact your current Specialists Association President.