Resources and Guides



A Basic Evaluation Guide for USU Extension Faculty Click here for a complete and easy-to-follow evaluation guide
Targeting Outcomes of Programs Click here for the original TOP article
  Click here for a pocket guide of the TOP
  Click here for a PowerPoint on the TOP
Creating an Evaluation Plan Click here for a basic guide to creating an evaluation plan
Training Material/Presentations Click here for a PowerPoint on evaluation rigor (Southern/Northern Region Faculty Meeting)
  Click here for PowerPoint on Evaluating Agricultural Programs
 Logic Model Click here for an e-learning activity on logic models
Tips for writing evaluation questions Click here for tips
Entering Data in Digital Measures Click here for infographic on data entry in DM
Click here for a guide on evaluation data in DM
USU Extension Evaluation Toolkit Click here for the Evaluation Toolkit
USU Extension Needs Assessment Toolkit Click here for the Needs Assessment Toolkit
Evaluating Virtual Activities and Programs

Click here for a training guide on evaluating online programs
Click here for the recorded training session

Using Mixed Methods to Evaluate Extension Programs

Click here for PowerPoint guide on Mixed Methods

AG/NR Consultation Tracking System (AG-CTS)

Click here for the AG-NR consultation form and tracking process guide

H&C Consultation Tracking System (HC-CTS)

Click here for the H&C tracking process guide

Qualtrics Guide for Extension

Click here for a beginner guide to using Qualtrics

Peer-Review form for Presentations

Click here for a peer-review form to assess short presentations.