Certificate Courses

Extension professionals are encouraged to complete two (2) online certificate courses on needs assessment, program planning, and evaluation from USU Extension. 

Quantitative Needs Assessment
This course focuses on program planning by taking a deep dive into conducting a quantitative needs assessment. Nonformal programs must be responsive to clientele and community needs, and educators are responsible for determining these needs through a systematic process. This self-paced course will cover major components of a comprehensive needs assessment. 
Cost: $50
Estimated completion time: 6 hours

Outcome Evaluation
This course focuses on outcome evaluation through a discussion of outcome indicators, formative and summative evaluation plans, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and impact reporting and communication. These topics are increasingly relevant given the increased pressure on Extension to show public value. Extension professionals must have the ability to demonstrate the impact of their programs to stakeholders.
Cost: $50
Estimated completion time: 8 hours