COVID-19 Event Approval Procedures

Ongoing as of 6/1/20

As stated in the May 29th AggieCast and the follow up direction from Vice President Ken White, USU is treating the response to COVID-19 not as a switch, but as a dial.  This means that we are not re-opening fully and back to normal instantly, but that we are taking a phased approach that incorporates safety measures for both our employees and communities. The dial could slowly move forward towards green, and it could also move backwards towards red in response to the pandemic.  As such, ALL PROGRAMMING INVOLVING THE PUBLIC MUST HAVE FORMAL APPROVAL UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

We have seen great success with our online programming and applaud your efforts to continue reaching your audiences during this crisis.  Our direction for you is to continue planning and scheduling your programs in a virtual format, but be nimble and flexible so you can move to face to face, if and when programs are approved following the steps and guidance below.

Instructions for Program Approval Requests


Complete Documentation

Faculty fill out the Program Risk Mitigation Plan AND the COVID-19 Planning Template attached. 


Send Plan to Administration

Faculty send Program Risk Mitigation Plan AND the COVID-19 Planning Template to Andree’ Walker Bravo (


Plan Review by Administration

Andree’ Walker Bravo works with Department Heads to review the Program Risk Mitigation Plans and the COVID-19 Planning Template.


Proceed or Revise

Program Risk Mitigation Plans and the COVID-19 Planning Template are sent back to faculty for modifications as needed based on Department Head review.


Send to USU Safety Committee

Program Risk Mitigation Plans and the COVID-19 Planning Template are sent to the USU Safety Committee for review.  Approval requests will be prioritized based on timeline for implementation or decision deadline.  


Safety Committee Decision

Programs approved by the Safety Committee will move forward for approval by the Covid-19 Task Force.  Programs not approved by the Safety Committee will be returned to the Department Head to return to the faculty for revision.


Proceed or Revise

Approved programs may be implemented.  Non-approved programs return to step 4.

In order for approval, you must complete both the Program Risk Mitigation Plan as well as the COVID-19 Planning Template.  The COVID-19 Planning Template is required by Governor Herbert’s Guidelines and both documents will be kept on file.  Please note whether the current risk status in your county is high, moderate or low.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Andree’ Walker Bravo ( or your Department Head.