Professional Development Request

  • Faculty and Educators with Extension assignments are eligible to submit a request.
  • The request should be for a single professional development opportunity (e.g., attending a conference, e-course fee, etc.).
  • No equipment or supply requests.
  • Requests should not include trips/conferences that are expected as part of your job (e.g., Extension Annual Conference, Regional staff meetings, etc.).
  • Any related expenses must occur before June 2020.
  • Depending on the number or requests, the anticipated award for each employee will be $500-$750.
  • If awarded, your name will be added to a list. When it is time for you to set up your TA, contact Bryan Arnell and he will provide an index.
  • Requests should include:
    • Description of the professional development opportunity. If uncertain on the specifics, indicate the general nature of the opportunity (e.g., out-of-state conference, e-course, etc.).
    • Describe any additional information about the opportunity and/or your professional development needs that would help the committee as they review and prioritize requests.
Submit a Request