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Social Media

Social media is a wonderful tool to spread USU Extension reach and impact across the state. When you create a social media page, having a strategy and sustainable plan will help create success in the long run. Review USU Social Media Policy here.

Our social media manager can help you be successful and offers the following to get you started:

  1. Page creation (you'll need two admins on the page)
  2. One-on-one strategy Zoom meetings
  3. Simple Canva templates to design your own graphics
  4. Monthly posting toolkits
  5. Monthly training for social media managers
  6. Analytic review
  7. Meta Business Suite diagnostics
  8. Targeted FB Ads through USU Extension main page (paid advertising with your budget)
  9. Social media toolkits for a state or region wide event

To get started, email, or submit a request through the marketing project request form.