Seeking Funding for Extension Programs

Extension people are full of ideas for ways to serve their communities. Program budgets often can’t stretch far enough to accommodate our ideas.

However, it is always possible to look for outside funding to help make plans reality. USU Extension has resources available to help in seeking and getting extra funds for worthy projects.

External funding is money you recieve from sources outside USU, such as federal, state, or local governments, foundations, or private donors. Private donations are handled by University Advancement (contact Michelle Merrill).

Proposal Development Specialists

There are two Proposal Development Specialists to help you in writing proposals to potential funders. These Specialists can help you by editing, advising, working with you on the budget, and navigating USU’s internal systems like Kuali (USU’s internal grants management system) and Sponsored Programs.

Extension’s two Proposal Development Specialists are:

Alyson Straquadine
Youth Programs, Bastian Agricultural Center
Located off campus in Cache Valley

Elaine Thatcher
Ag/NR, Home & Community, Swaner EcoCenter, USU Botanical Center
435.799.3196 office
435.7702676 cell
Located off campus in Cache Valley

Which Specialist you contact depends upon your home unit/location. See each Specialist’s assigned areas above. Extension Specialists who are based in academic departments should work with their departmental or college Proposal Development Specialists rather than the Extension ones. Alyson and Elaine can help you with external funding requests and searching for external funding possibilities. They cannot help you write internal grants.

Extension Grant Writing Helps

Detailed Grant Writing Tips Document

Glossary of Grant Writing Terms for Utah State University Extension

Reasons to Get Your Grant Into Sponsored Programs by the SPO Deadline

Other Grant Writing Helps

USU's College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences has some excellent Grant Writing resources for beginners. Their process for submitting a grant is more formal that Extension's, but the timeline is about the same. To start the process of preparing a proposal in Extension, just contact the Proposal Development Specialist responsible for your home department (see above). This page also includes checklists for typical grant proposals to federal agencies such as NSF, NIH, and USDA.

Searching for Funding Opportunities

Federal Funding You can create a free account with your most frequently used search terms. You can also set up notifications for certain opportunities. 

Multiple Source Opportunities You can log in with your USU credentials and create curated lists, notifications, and more. GrantForward will return federal, state, local, and foundation opportunities. 

State of Utah Grants

State of Utah grants can be searched at
Planning & Funding Resources | Governor's Office of Planning and Budget (

Foundation Funding

Limited foundation searches can be done with a free account at either of these:

For a more detailed foundation search, contact Proposal Development Specialist Elaine Thatcher, who has access to a paid subscription to the Foundation Directory Online.

Internal Funding

Internal funding is a grant given by USU. Proposal Development Specialists cannont assist you with internal grants.