Diversity Extension

Our mission is to design, develop, and orchestrate programs that meet the needs of Utahns including new immigrants and native populations, minorities, and others who are under served, such as single parent families and the elderly.

Extension's needs assessment research revealed that nutrition and health, food safety, finance, bilingualism, natural resources, literacy, agriculture production, home horticulture, community building, youth development, workforce preparedness, and family and marriage education were the state's most critical needs. Programs need to meet the needs of Utah’s citizens including new immigrants and native populations, minorities and others that are underserved, single parent families, and the elderly.

The need for these identified specialized Extension programs are well documented through needs assessments conducted by USU Extension. It is the obligation of USU and Extension in particular, to assure that these programs are developed and provided to Utah’s citizens as a primary provider of services or as part of a collaborative effort.