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Read the nomination instructions below and click on the 'Make a New Submission' button to make a new awards submission. The nomination deadline is November 10, 2024.
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Nomination Instructions


Nominees must be current USU employees serving Extension. Please apply seperately for each award you would like to be considered for and submit documentation specific to the award you're applying for (see Award Descriptions). Different awards have different eligibility requirements (e.g., years of service, faculty or staff, etc.). Self-nominations are encouraged.

Selection Process and Criteria

To help identify the most deserving professional for each award, the following criteria should be documented in the nomination packet:

  1. Evidence of excellence in the nominee’s area of professional expertise and/or service activities.
  2. Evidence of leadership.
  3. Evidence of innovation and impact in performance of Extension duties.
  4. Evidence of commitment to cliental, Extension, and/or the University.

Supporting Documentation

The following supportive documentation must accompany the nomination packet using a 12-point font:

  1. Candidate's information. (download template)
  2. A statement or letter of nomination summarizing activities of excellence, leadership, innovation, and commitment to Extension, USU, and/or Utah over at least the last three years (2 pages maximum) highlighting your skills as applicable to the award you are applying for (see Award Descriptions). If applying for E. G. Peterson Award, summarize activities of excellence, leadership, innovation, and commitment to Extension, USU, and/or Utah over the last 20 years (5 pages maximum).
  3. A short biography (2 paragraph maximum).
  4. A short CV (5 pages maximum). Indicate or summarize honors, professional society or University leadership, publications, presentations, and other evidence of productivity, service, and impact. If applying for the E. G. Peterson Award, attach full CV.
  5. One or two letters of support from clientele, Extension peers, or administrators (2 pages maximum each).
  6. Professional Portrait at least 600 x 600 pixels.