February 2, 2024

5 Healthy Valentine Recipes & Tips to a Healthier Valentines Day

health valentine recipes

Celebrate this Valentine's Day with three of our delicious and nutritious healthy valentines snacks. Whether you're planning a romantic dinner at home or looking for ways to prioritize health and connection, we've got you covered. Create a Valentine's Day that's not only delicious but also focused on the health and happiness of you and your loved ones. 

Berries and Chocolate

There are all sorts of delicious combinations when it comes to berries and chocolate. Consider chocolate covered blueberries or chocolate stuffed raspberries. 

Chocolate covered strawberries are a classic! Strawberries are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Making chocolate covered strawberries an enjoyable and somewhat healthy treat when consumed in moderation. And if you opt for dark chocolate, you'll add more benefits including antioxidants and potential heart health benefits.

Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries: 

  • Start by melting some chocolate chips. Put chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave them for 30 seconds. Remove from the microwave and give the chocolate a good stir. Place the bowl back in the microwave for 30 more seconds. Repeat this process until the chocolate is all the way melted.
  • While your chocolate is melting, rinse your strawberries under cool water and let them dry.
  • When the chocolate is ready, dip the strawberries into the chocolate and set them on a plate to let the chocolate set up.
  • I melted some white chocolate to drizzle on top for an extra decorative look. And I had some valentine sprinkles on hand that made for a fun touch!
chocolate covered strawberries

Valentine's Day Popcorn Mix

A really quick and easy treat idea is a popcorn mix. 

Freshly popped popcorn is a nutritious snack, rich in fiber, antioxidants, and whole grain goodness. It promotes satiety and digestive health, making it a healthy option.

I used my popcorn popper rather than bagged pop corn. This allowed me to control the amount of fat and salt added as well!

Some ideas for fun toppings: peanuts, white chocolate chips, red candy sprinkles & pretzels. 

valentine day popcorn for health valentine recipes

Valentine Fruit Skewers

There is just something about eating food from a stick that makes it way more enjoyable... I love it!

For these valentine skewers I used some string cheese on hand and cut a little notch out to make them look like hearts. Then I pattered that with some raspberries. 

You could also use other foods like cherry tomatoes, bananas, strawberries or anything else you have on hand that you could cut into a heart shape. Get creative! 

healthy valentine recipe fruit skewers

cheese and raspberry skewers for healthy valentine day food

10 Tips to a Healthier Valentines Day

  1. Quality time: Quality time is a great way to show someone you love them. The memories made will last a lot longer than a sugar cookie, box of chocolates, or calorie heavy dinner. Whether it's staying bundled up at home and playing board games, or something more adventurous like snowshoeing, plan a fun, and memorable activity as a way to celebrate.
  2. Box Favorites: If your child is having a Valentine's Day party at school, consider sending a healthy treat or snack. Mini bags of trail mix, pretzels, or whole grain crackers are all great ideas. Or skip the food entirely and send pencils, miniature notepads, or erasers instead.
  3. Night In: Plan a romantic candlelight dinner at home using one of our healthy recipes.
  4. Gifts that Promote Health: Consider gifts that promote health and well-being, such as a fitness tracker, a cooking class, or a massage. This shows thoughtfulness towards your partner's health.
  5. Split It: If you choose to dine out, choose a restaurant that has heart-healthy options. Consider sharing your meal with your loved one to control your portion sizes.
  6. Physical Activity: Instead of a fancy dinner, plan a physical activity. Play a game of racquetball together at your local rec center, bundle up and take a walk, or practice a dance routine together at home.
  7. Bean Puree: Make your desserts in a healthier way. Use bean puree as a fat substitute when making cakes and cookies.
  8. Healthy Pizza: If you will be celebrating with the whole family, make a heart-shaped with a whole wheat crust, or use a cookie cutter to make heart-shaped pancakes topped with berries, or heart-shaped peanut butter sandwiches.
  9. Limit Alcohol Consumption: If you choose to have a drink, do so in moderation. Excessive alcohol can have negative effects on health, so it's important to be mindful.
  10. Enjoy: Don't deprive yourself. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed. A small slice of cake, a handful of candy, or a couple of chocolates are not going to ruin your path to creating better health. Moderation is key. Enjoy a small amount of what you like, and don't feel guilty about it.
As Valentine's Day approaches, remember that it is all about balance. Balance what you eat with how much you move. Don't deprive yourself. Instead, enjoy what you like, but focus on portion control. Enjoy! And Happy Valentines Day!

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