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    August Checklist

    • Beginning in early August, plant selected cool season vegetables for a fall harvest
    • Deadhead (cut off) spent blossoms of perennial and annual flowers
    • Deep water established trees and shrubs about once per month during the heat of summer
    • Turfgrass only needs 1 ½-2 inches of irrigation per week. Click here for irrigation needs in your area

    Pests and Problems:

    • Check under leaves of pumpkins, melons, and squash plants for squash bugs
    • Watch for Mosaic virus in vine crops, removing infected plants to reduce their spreading
    • Watch for holes in the leaves of petunias, necotiana, geraniums and other annual flowers from Tobacco budworm feeding
    • Protect black locust trees (not honey locust) with a registered chemical to prevent Locust borer damage
    • Control Codling moth in apples and pears to reduce wormy fruit. For specific timing see our Utah Pests Advisories
    • Control for Walnut husk fly in Walnuts, peaches and apricots historically is done on August 1st and 15th
    • Learn how to identify a Hobo spider
    • Controlling European Paper wasp with traps is helpful this time of year
    • Monitor for damaging turfgrass insects
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