Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Casual Agent

Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) consists of a ribonucleic acid strand (RNA) surrounded by a protein coat.


Symptoms will vary from host plant species and different environmental conditions. Hosts will experience stunted growth. Light green/yellow mosaic pattern will appear on the foliage along with yellow streaking and spotting. The fruits will obtain ring spots or line patterns. Symptoms may be aggravated in high temperatures, herbicides, mineral deficiencies, or insect feeding. Viral diseases often need to be lab tested and can’t be based on symptoms alone.

Cucumber Fruits Showing Symptoms of Infection with CMV
Cucumber Fruits Showing Symptoms of Infection with CMV

Disease Cycle

CMV spreads from infected plants to healthy plants. This happens mechanically (worker’s hand or tools), aphid feeding, dodder, or grafting.


  • Sanitation. Disinfect tools used from vegetative propagation.
  • Removal. Discard virus-infected plants.
  • Control aphid populations.
  • Weed Removal. Weeds may serve as an alternate host for CMV or the aphids that spread them.