Educators using UWW

    For Educators

    Utah Water Watch is an excellent link for teachers to citizen science.  Educators using UWW

    Students gain experience monitoring and make real-world connections between watersheds and water quality. See our calendar for upcoming training and events.  

    All of the techniques used in our Tier 1 program have similar components to Stream Side Science (SSS), which is a curriculum designed through USU Water Quality Extension specific to Utah. SSS lessons are aligned to national and state science standards.  

    Check out the Stream Side Science website for lesson plans and information about workshops.  

    Soldier Hollow posterSoldier Hollow students showing their monitoring results at the Provo River Watershed festival.
    Share your stories, class projects, photos, and lessons learned! Let us know how you use UWW in the classroom!

    Snowcrest field day

    Snowcrest Junior High field day.  Students measured biological, chemical, and physical properties of the stream.

    For questions on how to participate or incorporate Utah Water Watch and Stream Side Science into your lessons, contact us.