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These reports provide information on key impacts USU Extension programs and faculty are making in Utah.

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Outcomes & Impact Quarterly – Spring Issue 2024

Balancing Agriculture and Wildlife: The Impact of Elk and Deer Grazing on Farm and Ranch Lands; Providing Pest Management Education for Home Gardeners in Utah; Assessing Parent and Guardian Outcomes for the Be Epic, Escape the Vape Program in Rural Southe...

Outcomes & Impact Quarterly – Fall Issue 2023

Create Healthy Gardens: Evaluation of a SNAP-Ed and Master Gardener Collaboration; Urban Homestead Education for Backyard Gardeners; Addressing the Opioid Crisis: An Evaluation of the Community Opioid Education Pilot Program; Impact of an Opioid Harm Redu...

Outcomes & Impact Quarterly – Summer Issue Issue 2023

Evaluating the What’s Up Down South Economic Summit; The 2022 Intertribal Opioid Wellness Summit: Harm Reduction and Holistic Whole-Person Wellness; Assessing the Needs of Utah Dairy Farmers to Aid Extension; Programming; Engaging Utah Educators to Teach...

Outcomes & Impact Quarterly – Winter Issue 2022

Developing and Piloting an Adventure-Oriented, Confidence-Building Curriculum for Youth; The Impact of Utah 4-H on Positive Youth Development; USU Extension Demonstration Farm Provides Educational Opportunities for IPM; “Thriving Hives” Provides Beginning...

Outcomes & Impact Quarterly – Fall Issue 2022

Preventing Master Gardener Volunteer Injury; “Food as Medicine” Webinars Help Increase Diabetes Awareness, Prevention, and Management; Celebrating Women Conference: Promoting Well-being Among Utah Women; Needs Assessment Shows Mental Health/Youth Developm...

Outcomes & Impact Quarterly – Summer Issue 2022

Design Guide Developed for Outdoor Classrooms in Utah, Spring Runoff Conference Provides Perspectives on Drought, Preparing Rural Youth for the Future of Work, Fatherhood Education During the Pandemic, Statewide IPM Program Helps Reduce Pesticide Use

Outcomes & Impact Quarterly – Spring Issue 2022

Using A Community Garden Program to Promote Positive Youth Development; Pack It Out Utah: USU Water Quality Extension leads Utah’s Statewide Trails and Waterways Cleanup; Welcoming and Inclusive Farmers Markets: Encouraging Diversity, Equity, and Inclusio...

Outcomes & Impact Quarterly – Winter Issue 2021

HEART Initiative Completes Three Years of Impactful Programming; Communicating Program Outcomes and Impact Using Data Visualization Dashboards; Building a Recovery-ready Community in Tooele County; Buy Produce for Your Neighbor; Supporting Local Agricultu...

Outcomes & Impact Quarterly – Fall Issue 2021

Revised 4-H Portfolios: A Model for Assessing Youth Impact in Utah Communities, The Empowering Financial Wellness Program, E-Cigarette and Vape Prevention Program and Housing Affordability Issues Addressed for Utah and Across the West

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