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    We are currently switching to a new database. You are welcome to continue submitting data on the old website for now, but the ultimate goal is to get everybody on board with the new database. Below are instructions for using the new database.

    Old UWW Database

    To search for previous data, currently best to use the old database.  Go to "View and Download Data" on the left.



    Joining CitSci Instructions

    1.  To begin entering data, click on the "Go to the Database" button.

    Go to the Database

    2. Once on the new page, click "Login"on the top right corner of the page. 



    3. Click on the green "Sign Up" button

               username and password


    4. It will then ask for some information. Once you have completed this, press "submit."

    input data


    5. Next, you will click on "Projects" toward the top of the page and search for "Utah Water Watch" and click on "Ask to Join."

    monitoring teir


    6. A new screen will show up. Check the box next to "I accept this agreement" and click submit. Your request will be accepted within a few days. Once you have been accepted you will be able to submit data.

    enter in data