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    volunteers cleaning trashPack it Out Utah! 

    Utah’s first STATEWIDE trails and waterways cleanup – Pack It Out Utah!

       Utah’s public lands experienced a surge of outdoor recreation this year. While more people enjoying the great outdoors is inspiring, unfortunately, it has led to an increase in garbage ending up in trails, parks, neighborhoods, and eventually, in our waterways.
        From October 31 through November 8, we are partnering with nature organizations, nonprofits, and local governments to encourage volunteers from across Utah to collect garbage in their communities
    and on public lands. 
    Visit http://bit.ly/PackItOutUtah2020 for all the event info and to sign up!

    Gotta Go Utah! LogoGotta Go Utah!

       GottaGoUtah.org was created to give tips on how to properly dispose of your waste when you gotta go in the outdoors. Help keep our Beautiful Utah trails and landscapes stay clean and safe by doing your part.

       Visit our page to learn when you need to dig a cat hole, pack out your waste or find a dump station on your next trip.

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    Don't Share Good Neighbor GraphicDon't Share Utah

       DontShare.Utah.Gov was created to give water quality tips and tricks to keep your small farms healthy and your neighbors happy.

    Be a good neighbor and "Don't Share" pollution, weeds and disease!

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    Click on the picture to find out how you can be a good neighbor and avoid contaminating Utah's water.

    Harmful Algal BloomHarmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

         Due to state budget cuts, the Utah Division of Water Quality (UDWQ) can only monitor 18 priority waterbodies across Utah for Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) this season. This monitoring is crucial to protect Utah's citizens, pets, and livestock from harm. Currently, the UDWQ is allowing Utah Water Watch (UWW) members to join in their efforts to collect sample and identify HABs.

    To learn how to join UWW and help monitor Utah's water quality see: https://bit.ly/UWW-get-involved

    Click the image to visit the UDWQ website and get important updates about current HABs in Utah.

    Volunteer taking a sample in a streamStream Side Science

       Stream Side Science allows teachers to use FREE lesson plans specialized to help students of all ages learn more about watersheds, their important functions, and water pollution/quality.

       These lessons are hands-on and we provide the water quality monitoring equipment.

    If you are interested in learning more, joining a workshop, or accessing lesson plans see the following link for more information: