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    ROVWater Research with Robots 

    Students from Clearfield High School visited the Wetland Discovery Point to explore Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) at the Kaysville Ponds.

    Their teacher attended USU's GearUp Camp this past summer and shared her knowledge of ROVs with her advanced engineering students to monitor water quality.

    To see the full story of Clearfield High School's ROV experience, click this link to watch a video from Davis School District.

    Cache Natural Resources Field Days

    2019 Utah Water Watch Monitoring

    Thank you to all the volunteers who dedicated their time towards monitoring our great state's water quality!

    This year, we had 335 samples taken by 61 volunteers at 95 different sites. To see where each of these sites are located and how many times they were monitored, check out our interactive map.

    Cache Natural Resources Field Days

    Natural Resources Field Days

    Thank you to all the volunteers and teachers who helped out this year to make 2019 a success!!

    This year, we had more than 800 fourth graders join us at Guenivah-Malibu campground up Logan Canyon to learn about water, plants, soils, and wildlife. Although the weather was not the best over the two week daily program, the students and teachers had a great time learning all about our local natural resources. To learn more about this great experience, click here.

    Cover of Utah Water Watch ManualUpdated Utah Water Watch Manual

    We have been working on a new Volunteer Manual and updating our Datasheets to make training and monitoring easier than ever! Be sure to check out the new and improved Volunteer Manual. The manual also contains our new datasheets which makes data entry a quicker process. To learn more about Utah Water Watch and how you can become a Citizen Scientist, click this link.

    GearUp Camp Hyrum Reservoir boat activitySTEM Gear Up Camp

    2019 was the fourth and final year USU Water Quality Extension has assisted with a week long Gear Up Camp in Logan for high school students and teachers. This year students participated in building and operating underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to explore aquatic systems. To see the ROVs in action, click this link to watch a video.