Water Books

    Water Books

    A Drop of WaterA Drop of Water- by Walter Wick





    Plain Talk About Drinking Water-by James M SymonsPlain Talk bout Drinking Water






    It starts with a raindrop

     It Starts With a Raindrop- by Michael Smith 







    Trouble in Troublesome CreekTrouble in Troublesome Creek - by Nancy Kelly Allen

    (Highlighted kid book for 2017 Water Week) 



    Water Runs Through This BookWater Runs Through This Book - by Nancy Bo Flood

    (Highlighted adult book for 2017 Water Week) 


    Lakes book

     Lakes - by Angela Royston




    A Drop Around The WorldA Drop Around the World - by Barbara McKinney





    Magic School Bus WaterThe Magic School Bus Wet All Over: A Book About the Water Cycle – by Pat Relf, Illustrated by Carolyn Bracken