Western Horse Program

The 4-H Horse Program is for youth 3rd-12th grade. Each youth is a member of individual clubs that meet throughout the year. As a county, youth come together for spring clinics, horse camp, service projects, fundraisers, summer horse shows, horse achievement and more! Western Horse fairgrounds arena use nights are the second and fourth Tuesday only. 

The 4-H Horse program is divided into three age groups:

Novice (any age-showing without placement)
Junior aged youth (3rd-5th grade)
Intermediate aged youth (6th-8th grade)
Senior aged youth (9th grade-graduation)

"Register Then Ride"Register than Ride

In order to be eligible to ride, you must be enrolled and activated in zsuites BEFORE you come to the arena. $10.00 enrollment needs to be paid to become activated.

Remember your $50 Western Horse Program Fee. This will be used to support all county level activities. Before attending our county events please register and pay the $50 program fee through zsuite or directly to the 4-H Office. What is considered a county event? Anything that is not a club meeting (ie: Halloween Party, Winter Riding, Shows ext). What will this fee cover? Winter Riding Events, Educational Nights, Equipment (poles, eyes, ext), Clinics, Support for camps, End of Year Recognition Night (recognizing all program successes). Please contact the Extension Office with any concerns or questions

2023 Calendar 

Horse Shows:

  • June 5th 2hand and 6th Western
  • June19th Western  and 20th 2hand (*Event Dates are Opposite) 
  • July 10th 2hand and 11th Western

Horse Council & Rank Leaders

President:. Shiree Clark
Vice President: Liz Henderson
Secretary: KaeDawn Earl
Treasurer: Shauntay Ormond
Education Chair: Jenny Adams
State Rep: Deni Ormond
Ambassador Chair: Jasmine Baker/ Shelly Peck
Show Chair: Elizabeth Walker/Jasmine Baker


2022 Horse TestsGirls with horse

Juniors will test from the entire Volume one -front cover to back cover at every show.
Senior will test from Volume one at show 1. Volume 2 at show 2. Combination of both Volumes at show 3.
This includes all study materials listed below. The test will be administered at home through a google quiz link that will be emailed to you the Friday before the show. You will have 40 minutes to complete the test. The test will close the Monday before the show at 5:00 pm. We invite you to study before and utilize your books during the test
In order to participate in the horse show, the test must be completed online before the show begins.


Western Horse Show participants- Portfolios are due by the 3rd horse show. 4-H Portfolios are the combination of a resume and cover letter Resumes: The resume should represent a cumulative summary of the 4-H members background, skills, and accomplishments. The Cover letter objectives are...
• Summarize your project for the current year and specifically outline the skills you have developed, knowledge you have gained, and goals you have achieved.
• Describe your 4-H leadership experiences and how you have grown as a person.
• Provide details on the impacts of 4-H community service and how these experiences have affected your community.
• Explain how your involvement in the Utah 4-H horse project has impacted your life and challenged you to grow and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.
For More Portfolio Information see the County or State Portfolio websites.

2022 Show Results

Horse Judging Power Points


Call with questions: 435-695-2543