Why do a Portfolio?

Benefits of the 4-H Portfolio include participating in the county contest with cash prizes, gaining record keeping skills, entering state contests in the 9th-12th grade, applying for 4-H Scholarships, etc. The NEW FORMAT teaches you how to organize your 4-H experiences into a resume and coverletter format. This is a skill to develop as 4-H members apply for scholarships, college, and employment following your 4-H years.

*NEW* 4-H Portfolio Course

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Cover Letter Objectives

  • Summarize your project for the current year and specifically outline the skills you have developed, knowledge you have gained, and goals you have achieved.
  • Describe your 4-H leadership experiences and how you have grown as a person.
  • Provide details on the impacts of 4-H community service and how these experiences have affected your community.
  • Explain how your involvement in the Utah 4-H junior livestock project has impacted your life and challenged you to grow and push yourself outside of your comfort zone

Submission Details

County Contest-Submission Deadline September 15: Submit in ZSUITE

BEJL Deadline-October 15th  Livestock participants- Visit BEJL Website