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County Contest Submission Deadline September 15(Submission Has Closed)

BEJL Deadline October 15th  Livestock participants- Visit BEJL Website 

Why do a Portfolio?

Benefits of the 4-H Portfolio include participating in the county contest with cash prizes, gaining record keeping skills, entering state contests in the 9th-12th grade, applying for National Congress, ability to apply for 4-H Scholarships, etc. The NEW FORMAT teaches you how to organize your 4-H experiences into a resume and coverletter format. This is a skill to develop as 4-H members apply for scholarships, college, and employment following your 4-H years.

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Cover Letter Objectives

  • Summarize your project for the current year and specifically outline the skills you have developed, knowledge you have gained, and goals you have achieved.
  • Describe your 4-H leadership experiences and how you have grown as a person.
  • Provide details on the impacts of 4-H community service and how these experiences have affected your community.
  • Explain how your involvement in the Utah 4-H junior livestock project has impacted your life and challenged you to grow and push yourself outside of your comfort zone

Submission Details

To Submit for livestock visit the website linked at the top of the page. Make sure you are not logged into any school district account. The Box Elder School District blocked google forms. Simply sign into a non school district account and you'll be set.