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    The Role of Composting and Manure in CNMP's
    This pdf goes over what a CNMP is and the role of composting in regards to CNMPs. It also covers soil testing and nitrogen and phosphorous.

    Backyard Composting in Utah
    This fact sheet covers what happens during composting and detailed steps for how to successfully compost.

    Using Mulches in Utah Landscapes and Gardens

    This fact sheet covers the benefits of mulching, application of mulch and common materials used in mulch.

    Water-Wise Landscaping: Practical Turfgrass Areas

    This document discusses when turfgrass is considered water-wise in landscaping and the benefits of turfgrass in these situations.

        Selecting and Using Organic Fertilizers

        This publication discusses how to determine nutrient needs, how to select an organic fertilizer, information about a f       fertilizer rate calculation and fertilizer application methods.

    Selecting and Using Inorganic Fertilizers
    This publication discusses how to determine nutrient needs, how to select a fertilizer, information about a fertilizer rate calculation and fertilizer application methods.

    Utah Fertilizer Guide
    This guide is designed to provide practical answers to routine questions related to soil fertility management. The focus of the Guide is on soil fertility problems peculiar to the semi-arid and arid soils of Utah.

    Best Management Practices for Agricultural Use to Protect Water Quality
    This document provides information about pesticides in the environment. It includes information about pesticide selection and application bmp's.

    Unified National AFO Strategy Executive Summary
    Executive summary of the Unified National AFO Strategy by USDA and USEPA

    Powerpoint on the Importance of CNMPs

    This powerpoint goes over why producers should develop CNMPs and how they can be beneficial (sustainable, profitable, run smoothly etc.,)

    Technical Guidance for Developing Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans

    This document was written by NRCS and USDA with the intent to provide technical guidance for the development of CNMPs as well as address existing manure management problems and water quality impacts in a manner that is most appropriate for those affected.

    Example of complete CNMP text

    Sample of a document drawn by certified CNMP planners describing the site, objectives, purpose and goals of the CNMP.

    Technical Notes from a completed CNMP

    Describes the timeline in which a CNMP is created, as well as outlining the process and steps of completing a CNMP. 

    Agriculture Environmental Management Systems (AEMS)

    AEMS helps producers evaluate existing facilities and practices. They identify opportunities to take voluntary actions that reduce or eliminate environmental risks, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local requirements.

    Does my facility require an AFO or CAFO permit?

    Flow chart to determine if an animal feeding operation (AFO) needs a CAFO permit.

    Definitions of large, medium, and small CAFOs

    Definitions of CAFOs with a table that can be used to determine CAFO size based on animal sector (cattle, sheep, turkeys etc.,) and size threshold (number of animals).

    Utah's AFO/CFO Strategy

    The purpose of this strategy is to outline a process to achieve the goal of addressing existing manure management problems and water quality impacts in a manner that is most appropriate for each operator affected, and which can be implemented with reasonable cost and within reasonable time frames.

    Landowner's Survey: How to Protect Your Water from Fertilizer Contamination

    This survey is designed to help landowners identify some common risks that fertilizer storage and application practices can pose to water. The results of the survey are intended to provide general information and recommendations regarding farmstead practices and potential risks to water quality.

    How to Protect Your Water from Fertilizer Contamination

    This fact sheet includes information about handling, storing, and applying fertilizers. It includes sections on fertilizer storage, mixing and loading practices, spill cleanup, container disposal and other management factors

    Fertilizer Management for Grass and Grass-Legume Mixtures

    This publication discusses how grass and grass-legume mixtures serve an important role in providing hay and pasturebased
    forage for livestock in Utah. It also goes over fertility requirements and recommendations for different nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and sulfur.

    Managing Agricultural Fertilizer Application to Prevent Contamination of Drinking Water

      This publication discusses agricultural uses of fertilizer, why it is important to manage fertilizer use near sources of drinking water and available prevention measures to address agricultural applications of fertilizer.

    Best Management Practices Monitoring Guide for Stream Systems

      This document provides guidance on establishing a water quality monitoring program that will demonstrate the effectiveness of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce nonpoint source pollution in stream systems.