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    Advanced Harmful Algal Bloom Program

    Training's available this February and March

    US River BasinsThe Water Quality Extension has teamed up with the Division of Water Quality to deploy scopes and test kits - used to verify potential algal blooms - at extension offices statewide. Citizens, volunteers and others may bring samples to the scopes to be tested for HAB presence. We're recruiting volunteers to use these scopes to analyze samples. We recommend both attending the online seminar - hosted by NOAA - and an in person training.

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    2016 Monthly Winners

    US River Basins

    Check out our 2016 winners for the year! We just announced our final winners for September and October. September winner is a 3 year veteran of the program collecting a wealth of information on Hobble Creek. October winners are new this year and tracking the health of the Ogden River.  Thanks to all of our volunteers this year!  Check back for an overview of the year's data.

    2016 Monthly Winners.


    Utah Lake Algal Bloom - Updates

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    For updated information about the Scofield Reservoir, Farmington Bay, Utah Lake, and Jordan River harmful algae blooms, check this DWQ website link. If you have any concerns, avoid contact or wear gloves and wash your hands. Check for posted warning signs. When sampling, always safety first!.

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