The Arts & Crafting

4-H youth find creative outlets to express themselves through fine arts and crafting activities.  These creative outlets support the positive development of youth as they learn to express themselves through various mediums.  From original artwork or photography to creative writing or handicrafts; creative pursuits allow youth an opportunity to try out ideas, stretch current skills, and acquire new skills or knowledge.  Each year youth demonstrate their creative talent at the annual County Fair or through 4-H exhibitions or publications.

The digital arts include photography, graphic design, and digital art. More information can be found in the STEM program.

Learn more about all our state contests and opportunities to engage in digital art competitions.

Craft vs. Fine Art

People often wonder what the difference is between a craft and fine art. Here's a guide to get you started.

A Craft . . .

  • Originated from someone else and you just followed the directions
  • You learned how to do it the right away through practicing many times
  • The intent is to reproduce it

A Fine Art . . .

  • Originated from your own ideas and experience
  • You only made it once and will not reproduce it
  • The standard for how it should be done is set only by you, the artist
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