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Available Discover 4-H Curriculum

Choose from the below available Discover 4-H Curriculum!
For the Sustainable You! Curriculum and Resources, click here.

STEM @ HomeArt of Math
Cake Decorating
Cloverbud: Citizenship
Cloverbud: Communicaiton and Expressive Arts
Cloverbud: Family Consumer Science
Cloverbud: Personal Development and Leadership
Cloverbud: Science and Technology
Beginning Code
Crime and Spy
Pack Goats
Poultry Showmanship
Duct Tape Crafts
Public Speaking
Engineering an Empire
General's Leadership Academy
Urban Gardening
OnShape Discover Guide
Wonders of Water Club Guide
Cloverbud Earth Science
Lego EV3 Robotics
Trip to Peru
Wizarding World of 4-H Series 2
Road to Happiness and MeaningDiary Heifer
Family History
Forces of Nature
Healthy Snacks
Horse First Aid
Kitchen Science
Money Mentors
Healthy Relationships
Interior Design
Seed Clubs
Environmental Science
World of Work
Mission to Mars
Flight School
Mountain Bike
Aerodynamics club
Candy Company 4-H Club
Food Preservation
African Safari
Agricultural Literacy
Art Around the World
Cooking Challenge
Darky Sky
Paper Crafts
Planet Energy
Python Code
Scratch Code
Spa and Relaxation
Theater Arts
Emergency Preparedness
Poultry Production
T-shirt Quilt
Junior Gardener
Horse Showmanship
Exploring Energy
Incident Command
Edible Science
Tinkercad Discover Club
Flight Club Guide
Ancient Eqypt
Makey Makey
Food Dehydration
Service Learning
Wizarding World of 4-H Series 1
Let's Start a Blog!


Sustainable You!

Download the Sustainable You! Resources Below

Sustainable You! Summer Camp was designed to help youth understand what it means to be sustainable through fun, interactive activities based around the five major areas of sustainability: land, air, food, energy, and water. The camp is broken down into five days, each based around one of the 5 themes. This camp is written for grades 4-6 (ages 9-12) but could be adapted for all ages.

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