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The Utah 4-H State Contests include a variety of project areas. From shooting sports to cooking challenges, the state contests are the culminating event for many of our youth! These events allow our youth to showcase their skills in a competitive environment, achieve goals, meet others with similar interests, and develop a great sense of belonging. Many of these state contests are precursors to National Contests.

If you are a long time Utah 4-Her, the term State Contests probably recalls a specific memory for you. Not too long ago, State Contests was a single event, held in the summer at Utah State University in Logan. To better serve our youth and the growing variety of projects, State Contests are now divided into several different events. However, the 4-H Classic, which includes all the Western National Roundup qualifying contests (plus many more!) will still be held altogether and includes contests, workshops, volunteer trainings, and more. 

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