Agricultural Safety Education

Find information to stay safe in all agricultural industries. Resources are available to help you avoid hazards associated with working in production based agriculture. Tips and training resources are available for livestock handling, tractor, agricultural machinery, disaster preparedness, personal protective gear, and other topics.

Workshop Presentation
This PowerPoint provides illustrative slides to serve as a supplement to the workshop lesson plan. Instructors may customize and adapt pictures to relevant production agriculture in their region. Hazard Assessment Lesson Plan and PowerPoint Template

This instructional lesson plan can be used to assist youth and adults with identifying hazards associated with production agriculture. The lesson provides activities and resources for engaging individuals with the use of the online tool. is a free and confidential tool hosted by the National Farm Medicine Center to assist farmers and ranchers with developing safety assessments that are real time and relevant to their operations. FFA advisors, Extension Agents, and mentors can lead students or workers through proper identification and resolution of agricultural hazards. A student worksheet is included for assessment. A PowerPoint template is provided to assist with presentation of the hazard assessment tool features.

  • Farm Risk Assessments
  • Confined Spaces in Agriculture 
  • Tractors and Machinery 
  • Livestock Handling
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Personal Protective Gear
  • Lawn and Landscaping 

Lesson Plan

PowerPoint Template