AWARE - Mental Health Education


From self-compassion to suicide prevention, and everything in between, our goal is to provide resources and education to help improve mental health. Whether you are looking to help yourself, or help someone you care about, take a minute to browse through the links and explore resources.

AgWellness Podcast

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The new AgWellness podcast series explores mental health in farming and ranching communities. Our hosts, Jacob Hadfield and Josh Dallin, are ag extension agents at Utah State University. Mental health is a growing concern in the farming and ranching community and through this podcast, we will share stories about the impact of mental health concerns, helpful resources, and information. We have partnered on a new project called the Western Regional Agricultural Stress Assistance Program (WRASAP). Please visit our website at to learn more and make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to the podcast to keep up to date. To read any of the podcasts see a list of transcripts here.

AWARE Articles

Turning Those Negative Thoughts Around

A lot of what we feel starts with how we think. Often when we experience an emotion, it starts with something we were thinking which happened because of how we interpret an experience.

Coping Substance Free for Recovery Month

So a good mental health strategy is to find a healthy way to cope without relying on non-prescription chemicals. This is something we all need to learn, whether or not substance use has been a problem in the past. The good news is that ther