Uintah Basin


  • For More Information: contact Lorien Belton (435-770-2413; lorien.belton@usu.edu).
  • Chairs: Scott Chew and Dave Allison

Local Working Group (LWG) meetings are held quarterly. Unless otherwise noted, the UBARM LWG meets as indicated below:

Winter meeting (January or February)

  • Scheduled in conjunction with WRI/UBPCD meeting (same day)
  • Review any WRI projects related to sage-grouse in the Basin
  • Policy and partner updates as appropriate
  • Research and monitoring updates and plans

Spring meeting (as needed)

  • Policy or partner updates as appropriate
  • Updates and coordination regarding habitat or other project implementation and research projects.
  • Some years may include a lek counting trip associated with the meeting

Summer field tour:  (Normally a joint tour with the Uintah Basin/Northeast Region UPCD

  • Past project visits and updates
  • Future habitat improvement project identification and planning

Fall meeting: Nov or Dec, in conjunction with UBPCD meeting (same day)

  • Discuss project updates
  • Consider any new threats and any actions to take
  • Propose new projects for funding in the upcoming year
  • Partner and policy updates as appropriate

To be placed on the mailing list, or for specific meeting times and locations, contact Lorien Belton, CBCP Extension Specialist at 435-770-2413 or lorien.belton@usu.edu.

State of Utah

UBARM Sage-grouse Conservation Plan

Reports and Publications

  • 2020 Accomplishment Report of Utah’s Adaptive Resources Management Greater Sage-grouse Local Working Groups
  • 2019 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin section or entire LWG report
  • 2018 Accomplishment Report Uintah Basin section or entire LWG report
  • 2017 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin section or entire LWG report
  • Gruber-Hadden, Natasha W., T.A. Messmer, B.C. Maxfield, D.N. Koons, and M.R. Guttery. Population Vital Rates of Resident and Translocated Female Greater Sage-grouse. J. Wildlife ManagementDOI: 10.1002/jwmg.1062 pdf file
  • 2016 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin Sectionentire LWG report
  • 2015 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin Section
  • 2014 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin section
  • Thesis by Orrin V. Duvuvuei (2013) Vital Rates, Population Trends, and Habitat-use Patterns of a Translocated Greater Sage-grouse Population: Implications for Future Translocations. Utah State University.
  • Breidinger, Leah S., K.E. Mock, and T.A. Messmer. 2013. Greater sage-grouse and natural gas development in Utah: Using population genetic data for conservation efforts. Western North American Naturalist 73(2):177-183. pdf file
  • 2012 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin section
  • Thesis by Natasha W. Gruber (2012). Population Dynamics and Movements of Translocated and Resident Greater Sage-grouse on Anthro Mountain, Utah. Utah State University.
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  • Orrin Duvuvuei, 2011 Annual Report. Anthro Mountain Greater Sage-grouse Populations.
  • James Taylor, 2011 Annual Report. Evaluation of Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Treatments to Restore Sagebrush Steppe in Northeastern Utah.
  • 2011 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin section
  • Anadarko Report 2011. The application of GIS, Remote Sensing techniques to field telemetry data to model and map sage-grouse (Centrocercus spp.) seasonal habitat-use on Seep Ridge and East Bench and other areas in Utah: Implications for Guiding Sustainable Energy Development in the West.
  • Presentation given to County Commission, Spring 2011.
  • James Taylor. 2011. Evaluation of mechanical, biological, and chemical treatments to restore sagebrush steppe in northeastern Utah. Presentation given at the USU Wildland Resources Graduate Student Symposium.
  • Research Report by Josh Kaze, Steven L. Peterson, Randy T. Larsen, and Rick J. Baxter. 2010. Greater Sage-grouse Habitat Selection at Multiple Spatial Scales in Utah. Brigham Young University.
  • Dissertationby Eric T. Thacker (2010) Greater Sage-grouse Seasonal Ecology and Responses to Habitat Manipulations in Northern Utah. Utah State University.
  • 2010 Communicator article about Landowners Support Research Efforts on Diamond Mountain
  • 2010 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin section
  • Anthro Mountain Report: Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat Restoration - Phase II: Restoration of Habitats Encroached by Pinyon-Juniper
  • Anthro Mountain Grazing Preliminary Project Report
  • 2009 Preliminary Report on Lop and Scatter Project on Anthro Mountain
  • 2008 Report on Prescribed Fire Research Activities
  • 2008 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin section
  • 2008 Annual Report of USU Research Activities
  • 2007Annual Report of USU Research Activities
  • 2006-7 Accomplishment Report; Uintah Basin section
  • Master's Thesis by Leah Smith. 2009. Greater Sage-grouse and Energy Development in Northeastern Utah: Implications for Management


Flagship Project

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