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The Utah 4-H Horse Program is designed for youth with an interest in horses and horse events. Youth will be provided with experience to help develop leadership, citizenship, self-esteem, social, and horsemanship skills. This program is for youth ages 8 years to 18, as of September 1st. The 4-H Horse Program includes programs for both those youth who own/have access to horses and those who do not, but still want to learn about the science of equine care and management. To find information about horse clubs in your areas or to start your own club, contact your County Extension Office



The Utah 4-H Equine English Program is an excellent avenue for youth to get involved with the basics of English riding. From equitation to hunt seat, riders will learn the proper balance and timing that comes with English riding. Youth also get the opportunity to exhibit what they have learned through county and state horse shows. To learn more about the details of each English event, check out the 4-H Horse Rule Book.


2020 State Hunter Show (Registration is not Open)

  • September 23rd
  • Ogden, UT at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds
  • This event is in conjuction with the Utah 4-H State Western Show. We are excited to give our youth the opportunity to showcase their skills and demonstrate the incredible opportunity the English program is!
  • Events include: Test, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences, Hunter Hack

2020 State Eventing Show

  • Date and location TBD
  • Open Enrollment (no need to qualify)
  • Test, Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Cross Country


Contact your local county office for county level bylaws and rules.


  • Click HERE for USEA materials.




President: Kathy Borrett
Vice President: Kim Johnson
Secretary: Linda Price
Technical Adviser: Kelli Munns
Utah 4-H English Horse Programs: Megan Hendrickson

Contact for more information regarding the Utah 4-H English Horse Program!

Utah State 4-H Office
County Extension Offices


The Utah 4-H Western Horse Program focuses on teaching youth to work with a project horse throughout the year, and be tested on their equine knowledge. The youth are given the opportunity to show their horses in multiple western disciplines including western horsemanship, showmanship at halter, western pleasure, trail, western riding, and reining. The shows also offer three speed events that may include barrel racing, pole bending, key hole, gymkhana, scurry, and quadrangle. The Western horse program is one of the largest project areas within Utah 4-H.

Want to volunteer and help promote and improve the program? Utah 4-H State Western Horse Council Applications are due September 13th, 2020!

Western Horse Council Applications - Due September 13, 2020
Utah 4-H Horse Council Bylaws





  • Access a collection of approved patterns HERE.
  • Horse show management is encouraged to create their own patterns. Pattern requirements are in the rulebook (number of maneuvers, required maneuvers, etc.).



** Disclaimer: the point breakdowns listed on these sheets are only a resource to help 4-H judges. The final class placings will be at the complete interpretation and discretion of the judge in accordance with the 4-H Horse Rule Book.
*This sheet has been created as a helpful tool to track Speed Events and is not required.



2018 Horse Show Results

2017 Horse Show Results

2016 Individual Western State Results

2015 2-Handed Western State Results

2015 Individual Western State Results

2014 2-Handed Western State Results

2014 Individual Western State Results


Katie Ovard-Smith

Terry Jones
1st Vice President

Kim Byington
2nd Vice President

Denilyn Ormond
Horse Council Secretary

Laura Ogden

McKenzie Anderson

Aurora Quinn
Assistant Judge-at-Large

Jessie Hadfield
State 4-H Horse & Livestock Specialist

Utah State 4-H Office
County Extension Offices


The 4-H Working Ranch Horse Program provides an opportunity for youth to be involved in western horsemanship activities beyond the traditional show ring. Participants learn the age-old techniques of handling livestock while on horseback, as well as the leadership and responsibility that comes with being engaged in 4-H.


  • Wed. 9/16 - Western Individual Test will open.
  • Wed. 9/23 at 9:00 am - General Meeting (socially distanced, arena is TBD) and Working Ranch Horse Test (used as a tiebreaker if needed, required to show)
  • Wed. 9/23 at 9:30 am - Reined Cow Horse Patterns start, followed by Sorting/Roping.
  • Wed. 9/23 at approx. 2:00 pm - Roping and Working Ranch Horse Clinic for those interest in learning more ($20 w/horse, $10 w/out). Email Jessie Hadfield to register. 


  • 4-H Working Ranch Horse Show at the State Fair
    • Friday, September 7th 8:30 a.m. at the Utah State Fair
  • Box Elder Working Ranch Horse 4-H Gathering
  • Emery County Working Ranch Horse 4-H Gathering


4-H WRH Gathering Rules


Utah 4-H and the Bureau of Land Management have teamed up to offer youth an educational and fundraising opportunity for Utah 4-H Horse Clubs. The purpose of this program is to increase the adoption of Mustangs to good homes and promote positive youth development. 4-H members will be working with yearling mustangs to gentle and train (halter break) them throughout the summer. In September, an Adoption Auction will be held to showcase their mustangs and give them the chance of a good forever home. 


Due to these unprecedented times, we have had to cancel the 2020 mustang challenges and events. Keep your eyes open for this challenge to be bigger and better than ever in 2021!

Although we will not be having the challenges, we are planning an exciting Mustang Showcase at the State Fair. Keep your eyes open for more information! 


Mustang Challenge 


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Questions about the Utah 4-H Youth Mustang Project? Contact 




Email or for more information!

The Ambassadors will fulfill programming needs in the Western, English, Mustang and Working Ranch Horse programs by representing the youth voice to provide input, promote and recruit for these programs, and actively participate in meetings, activities, events and shows. 

  2018-2019 Horse Ambassadors  

Horse Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Attend Ambassador Meetings and Retreats
  • Serve as a representative of all Utah 4-H Horse Programs
  • Promote 4-H Horse Programs
  • Serve as a coordinator for State Horse Events & Activities (State Horse Show Activities, Judge’s Training, Spring Study Camp)
  • Represent the youth voice and give input at program area meetings
  • Chair/Co-Chair horse youth committees
  • The term is one complete year beginning and ending in July.

Horse Ambassador Qualifications

  • Must be in 9th, 10th or 11th grade at the time of application (May 18, 2018)
  • Active member in one or more 4-H Horse Programs and local club
  • Enthusiastic about 4-H
  • Leadership Experience
  • Have time available and willing to occasionally travel to fulfill this role
  • Have parent and/or guardian and County Extension Staff support


Youth delegates will be chosen to serve on the Utah 4-H Western Horse Council representing their respective counties. The adult and youth delegates will work together as they take an active role in bringing the needs and concerns of their resident county to the attention of the state, as well as promote state opportunities within their circle of influence.

Qualification & Selection Process

Youth-delegates need to be in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade on January 1st of 2019, that means that counties can select individuals who have just completed their 8th grade year to represent their peers. Selected 12th graders must be able to commit to completing their term regardless of post-graduation plans. 

Selection process will vary by county.

Horse Delegate Responsibilities

  • Youth delegates will bring a youth perspective to the table and be the voice of their peers during Western Horse Council Meetings. They should do their best to attend all horse council meetings (in person or remotely). If they are unable to attend, they should find a substitute.
  • Youth delegates will also be responsible for providing leadership within their county horse program, assist in facilitating communication, and sharing details pertinent to youth horse members.
  • In addition to their role as a voting member on the horse council, youth delegates are also encouraged to participate as members of horse youth activities committees. These committees will be instrumental to the development of various aspects of the 4-H horse programs, and will work closely with Utah 4-H Horse Ambassadors to put on state-wide events.


Have you heard of the Kentucky Derby? The King of all Thoroughbred Races? The Triple Crown is a prestigious award given to a three-year-old Thoroughbred who not only wins the Kentucky Derby, but goes on to win a triplet of prestigious races. The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and finally the Belmont Stakes. This is so difficult that only 13 horses have ever achieved such an honor, including the spectacular colt, Justify, in 2018!

The purpose of the Triple Crown Series is to increase opportunities for youth to participate in horseless horse events and develop a sense of belonging and mastery.  

The horse classics series are open to all 4-H youth grades 3-12.

The Utah 4-H Horse Classic Series, or Triple Crown, is an opportunity for youth to demonstrate mastery in several horse related events. Youth can try to earn the "Triple Crown" or simply the "High Point" award. More details below!

Join us for a Triplet of Horse Classic Contests!

  • June 12 - 13, 2020 | Southern Region Horse Classic (The Kentucky Derby) - VIRTUALLY Registration now open until June 8th! 
  • September 11 - 12, 2020 | State Fair Horse Classics (The Preakness) – Salt Lake, UT 
  • October 16 - 17, 2020 | Horse and Livestock Symposium (The Belmont Stakes 2020 / Kentucky Derby 2021) - Logan, UT

4-H Horse Classic Event Information

  • The Horse Classic events are an opportunity for all youth enrolled in a 4-H horse project to come together and compet in a friendly atmosphere with other horse-loving youth. 
  • State Contests, held at the Horse and Livestock Symposium, serve as the qualifying contest for senior youth hoping to represent Utah 4-H at Western National Roundup in January. 


  • All contests follow the National Contest Rules. Find the National rules here! Utah 4-H Horse Classic specific rules are listed below.
    • Juniors and Intermediates will use the new Utah 4-H Horse Program Study Guide Volume I as their resource. Intermediates will also have select questions from the Illustrated Dictionary. Senior aged youth and open divisions should study from National Curriculum (mainly Horse Smarts).
    • Team Contests
    • Team OR Individual Contests
      • Hippology - enter as team or individual RULES
      • Horse Judging RULES
      • Horse Demonstrations RULES
    • Individual Contests
      • Horse Public Speaking RULES

Triple Crown and High Point Individual Information

Youth participants can compete for two separate events. The Triple Crown is available to senior aged youth only, and is a prestigious award given to a youth that wins their event at all three Horse Classic events! The High Point Award is given to the participant with the highest culminated points over the three events, and is awarded to the junior, intermediate, and senior with the most points. Details on scoring and rules are below.

These events are scored individually. Even if youth participate as a team, only their individual scores will be counted towards these awards.

Rules and Regulations for the Triple Crown and High Point Awards

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