Livestock Program

State Livestock Shows

  • Utah Junior Livestock Association Entry Form pdf format
    • All junior livestock shows supported by the Utah State Junior Livestock Association require that animal projects be tagged with a permanent, tamper-proof tag. The association has uniform tags to be used throughout the state. These tags identify specific animal projects, help track ownership, and are required to participate in any state show. FFA advisors, 4-H agents or tagging committees ensure animals are tagged and exhibitors are verified and in good standing.
    • All exhibitors must be verified as Utah 4-H or FFA members in good standing to compete. Tag + Verification = Eligibility
    • Animals must be tagged 100 days before the weigh-in of a show for beef (steers and market heifers), and 60 days for sheep, goats, and hogs
    • Contact our office to get your tags. 435-893-0470 or 435-893-0478
    • Tag Deadlines are found on this page: (scroll to bottom)

County Livestock Show

               Southern Utah Junior Livestock Show, August 10-13

Tagging will happen on the following days: 
Steers: March 27, 8-10 am at Gurneys
Lambs, Goats, Pigs: May 5, 6-7:30pm at Sevier County Fairgrounds.

Chartered Livestock Clubs

4-H members are required to be a part of a chartered club to show.
    • Sevier County Livestock Club, everyone welcome
      • Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month, February- October
      • County building, 250 N Main Richfield 7:00-8:00
      • Led by Mike Larsen
    • 5L Lambs
      • Led by Kennedy and Ashlee Larsen
    • Yardley Bros
      • Led by Telisia Waters
    • Country Cousins
      • Led by Chelsea Anderson
    • Lambs R Us
      • Led by Krissy Miller

Age Requirement

4-H CLUB AGE DIVISIONS (copied from the Utah State 4-H Handbook)
"Utah 4-H Age Divisions are based on a child’s school grade. Youth are eligible to participate in 4-H between kindergarten and 12 grades (for youth who are homeschooled, see guidelines below).
  • Cloverbud 4-H Members Kindergarten through 2nd Grade (K–2)
  • Junior 4-H Members* 3rd through 5th Grade (3–5)
  • Intermediate 4-H Members 6th through 8th Grade (6–8)
  • Senior 4-H Members 9th through 12th Grade (9–12)
*Large animal, shooting sports, and ATV projects and activities require youth to be at least in 3rd grade and at least 8 years of age. Youth in the 3rd grade who are 7 years old and turn 8 during the third-grade school year may enroll in large animal, shooting sports, and ATV projects upon turning 8.
Eligibility for 4-H membership terminates upon graduation from 12th grade. Seniors may exhibit through the summer of their graduation year.

Youth who are homeschooled will follow the Utah State Board of Education criteria for placement based on age.
  • Cloverbud 4-H Members Ages 5 through 7 as of September 1
  • Junior 4-H Members Ages 8 through 10 as of September 1
  • Intermediate 4-H Members Ages 11 through 13 as of September 1
  • Senior 4-H Members Ages 14 through 18 as of September 1"

Livestock Record Book

For questions about participating in the 4-H livestock clubs (or starting your own) contact:

Janette Wagner

Janette Wagner

Program Coordinator | Sevier County

Phone: (435) 893-0478

4-H Portfolio Information

The portfolio style has recently changed to a cover letter and resume. The link below contains full details.

A portfolio is an organized collection of a person's progress, achievements, contributions, and efforts that demonstrate accomplishments, size and growth over time.  4-H Portfolios contain important records that can be utilized in applying for scholarships and future employment.  Portfolios set the stage for organization, record keeping and leadership. 

Portfolio forms, judging rubrics, training videos and additional information can be found HERE.