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    From toddlers to teenagers, and even empty-nesters, parenting can be rewarding, exhausting, and overwhelming. Parenting is often a delicate balance of providing warmth, love, and nurturance, with structure, guidance, and discipline. While there are no magic manuals, we provide numerous research-based information related to practical principles that can help parents know what to do when things go wrong as well as tips for helping things go right.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Parenting Your Young Adult Child

    12/01/2020 12:10 PM

    As a parent, watching your child become an adult can be extremely rewarding. After all, you get to see how years of hard work helped to produce this seemingly independent person you see before you. Yet for some parents, their child’s transition from a teenager to a young adult is one of the most challenging developmental stages to navigate.

    Don't Let Anger Sabotage Your Parenting

    10/20/2020 09:42 AM

    Does it ever feel like your child has pushed your buttons to the point that you are about to lose it? This is a common experience for many parents. When we experience anger, our bodies release adrenaline and our heart rate and blood pressure increase.

    Can I safely take my family on vacation during the COVID crisis?

    07/29/2020 02:40 PM

    You may be asking yourself, “How can we possibly vacation during COVID-19?”. Valid question! Allow me to explain.

    Will my teenager look at pornography on his/her smartphone?

    07/07/2020 09:30 AM

    While owning a smartphone may be the norm for most teens these days, that doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Smartphones are the primary source that teens utilize to view pornography. Technology has progressed faster than society has figured out how to deal with the collateral damage such as pornography addictions.

    How big of a role do I, as their dad, play in my children’s lives?

    06/09/2020 01:20 PM

    Dads play a major role in the development of their children from birth through adulthood. According to one report, “Even from birth, children who have an involved father are more likely to be emotionally secure, be confident to explore their surroundings, and, as they grow older, have better social connections.” (Rosenberg & Wilcox, 2006, p. 12).

    How can I manage the COVID-19 changes to my family and work schedules?

    06/02/2020 09:00 AM

    The COVID-19 restrictions have wreaked havoc on the daily routines of families and students. These disruptions to activities and schedules can cause a great deal of stress. This means we need extra patience with family and with ourselves as we manage the changes.

    How can I acknowledge achievements when graduation ceremonies are cancelled?

    05/26/2020 11:00 AM

    Graduations are a time of transition and change, and might even be considered a societal rite of passage. So where does that leave us in the era of social distancing? What do we do when we aren’t allowed to hold graduation parties and ceremonies are being cancelled?

    How to make date night happen with small children?

    05/19/2020 08:30 AM

    Before children arrive, there is more money, time, and energy for courtship. Throughout the juggling act of parenting some find intimate connections frequency diminished. For my spouse and I parenting, lack of sleep, medical debt, feeding difficulties, sleep regressions, and limited funds for dates, left us with only two resources for meaningful connections: creativity and an understanding of the other’s love language.

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