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Create Better Health Utah Kids Create Blog

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Here you’ll learn to be healthy with Captain Create, our very own superhero! Being healthy means we eat well and are physically active. We believe this quest can be fun, tasty, and easy! Explore our site to find delicious recipes, nutrition facts, and tips to be more active. Let’s get started!
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Heat Exhaustion and Safe Outdoor Exercise

Here in Utah it's essential to stay mindful of the potential risks when it comes to heat-related illnesses. Here’s a guide to help you enjoy your outdoor workouts safely, including how to recognize and respond to heat exhaustion.

Setting Fun Exercise Goals The SMART Way!

Want to get stronger, faster, and have more fun playing? Setting exercise goals can help you do just that. But to make sure your goals are not too hard or too easy, we can use something called the SMART method. Let's explore what SMART goals are and how y...

Kids Create is part of Create Better Health, Utah’s SNAP-Ed program. SNAP-Ed is an evidence-based program that helps people lead healthier lives. SNAP-Ed teaches people who are using or eligible for SNAP about good nutrition and how to stretch their food dollars. SNAP-Ed participants also learn to be physically active.

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