American Indian Land Access Impacts on Agricultural Business Success

Utah State University Extension and collaborators in the Federal Indian Tribal Extension Programs (FRTEP) in Nevada and Arizona request your participation in a series of focus groups aimed at assessing the impacts of land access/status on agricultural business management, investment and overall profitability. The results will be used to provide policy recommendations and create tools and Extension programs to assist native American producers in increasing the profitability of their agricultural business.

The focus group workshop will take about 50 minutes of your time and will be held via Zoom, or interactive webinar. Your participation will be anonymous as no personal information will be collected and you can participate with your video off. Also, you may exit the Zoom workshop at any time. Separate workshops will be held for crop (hay, fiber, and grain) producers and livestock producers. Please select the workshop which is most appropriate for your farm or ranch.  

If you are currently producing agricultural products and are over the age of 18, please sign up for one of the upcoming workshops. 

Upcoming Tribal Agricultural Producer Workshop

None at this time.... 

For more information on this project and/or upcoming focus group workshops, please contact Kynda Curtis at or Ruby Ward at

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the protection of human research participants at Utah State University has reviewed and approved this study, protocol number is 11587. If you have questions about your rights or would simply like to speak with someone other than the research team about questions or concerns, please contact the IRB Director at (435) 797-0567 or

This is a joint project of Utah State University, the University of Arizona, and the University of Nevada, Reno tribal agriculture and FRTEP team.
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