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Evaluating Profitable Agricultural Enterprises

Introduction to Economic Feasibility Assessment

Powerpoint Slides  Powerpoint Slides
Worksheets  Worksheets
Sketchbook  Business Plan Sketchbook
Guidebooks  Small Business Startup Guidebooks

Market Feasibility Assessment

Excel Budget  Powerpoint Slides
Worksheet  Worksheets

Financial Feasibility Assessment - Budget and Profit Basics

Powerpoint  Powerpoint Slides
Worksheets  Worksheets
Excel Budget  Example Budget

Financial Feasibility Assessment - Budgets and Financial Statements

Powerpoint Powerpoint Slides

Financial Feasibility Assessment - Financial Analysis

Powerpoint Powerpoint Slides
Excel File Financial Health Tools

Enterprise Financings - Federal Grant and Loan Programs

Powerpoint  Powerpoint Slides

Enterprise Assessment Example - Analyzing Drought Management Strategies

Powerpoint Slides Powerpoint Slides
Powerpoint Slides Drought Example
Excel Sheet Water Truck Example
Excel Spreadsheet Beef Enterprise Example

Conducting Client Needs Assessments

Powerpoint Slides Powerpoint Slides
Powerpoint Slids Additional Slides
Workbook Needs Assessment Guidebook
File  The Logic Model
File  Enhancing Program Performance

Evaluating Client Programming

Powerpoint Slides Powerpoint Slides
Journal File Implications of Extension Program Evaluation Journal
Journal File Evaulation Extension Impact Journal 
Journal File Evaluation of Farmer Participation Journal
PDF Pre-Course Assessment
PDF  Post-Course Assessment
PDF Follow-up Course Assessment

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