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    Key to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Utah - Hirudinea

    Hirudinea Order


    Erpobdellidae (leeches)

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    Description20-50 mm in length. Erpobdellidae have large anterior suckers and no jaws or teeth. They are predators and typically engulf their prey. They can have 0, 3 or 4 pairs of eyes.

    Habitat10 species occur in North America, young in cocoons are attached to hard substrates

    Glossiphoniidae (leeches)

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    DescriptionAnterior sucker fused to the head, protractible proboscis, no jaws, flattened bodies that are much wider than the head, 1-4 pairs of eyes. 7-39 mm in length.

    HabitatOccurs in streams, lakes and ponds.

    Hirudinidae (leeches)

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    DescriptionLess than 10 cm, however some can grow up to 40 cm long. Hirudinidae have 2 suckers at either end of body, have colorful patterns.

    HabitatFound in mostly still and slow moving warmer fresh waters, however can be found in cold, clear streams and rivers.

    Piscicolidae (leeches)

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    DescriptionAnterior sucker expanded, separate from the body, small mouth pore with a protrusible proboscis, more cylindrical body than the other families, 0-2 pairs of eyes. 1-2 cm in length.

    Habitat10 species in North America

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