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     Water is life: quality matters

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    Learn About Lakes

    Uintas LakeCheck out our new webpage about lakes.  Lakes have an interesting and complex ecology that changes with the seasons.  Learn more about lake dynamics, aquatic ecology, harmful algal blooms and citizen monitoring here.  

    Natural Resource Field Days

    Kids by stream

    We held another successful Natural Resources Field Days, thanks to our wonderful partners and volunteers!  For two weeks, Sept.12-16 and Sept. 19-23, 4th graders throughout Cache County learned about natural resources in Logan Canyon. Stations focused on water quality, plants, soils, and wildlife of the area.    For more details on the event, click on more information.


    Harmful Algal Blooms in Utah:

    (updated 10-11-2016)

    Harmful algal blooms were identified in several Utah waterbodies this year, including Utah Lake, the Jordan River, and Scofield Reservoir, Payson Lakes, Mantua Reservoir and Farmington Bay

    These “blooms” occur when some types of toxin-producing microscopic algae reach high concentrations.   Conditions that favor these blooms include very warm and calm weather and water bodies with high concentrations of dissolved nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen). 

    The Utah Division of Water Quality, with the help of health departments and volunteers, actively monitors lakes throughout the state.  Heed posted caution or warning signs in the area of known blooms. 

    These toxins can be quite hazardous and blooms can develop quickly.  Therefore, pay attention to rapidly changing conditions (floating mats of algae, or highly turbid, green waters.)  If you see conditions change or for the most current information on harmful algal blooms in Utah, go to:  http://deq.utah.gov/locations/U/utahlake/algal-bloom.htm

    Attention Educators

    Class by streamAs you start to plan your lessons for the school year, make sure to check out our Stream Side Science lessons.  The Fall is a great time to take advantage of the weather.  Plan an outing to nearby stream or pond and explore the water quality.  Lessons are categorized by grade, topic and core alignment.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, 435-797-2580 or waterquality@usu.edu!