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    July 19 - Roosevelt (9am-4pm)

    August 1 - SLC (8am-4pm)

    Citizen monitoring



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    July 19th - Roosevelt (9 - 12:30)

    Advanced volunteer monitoring

    Utah Water Watch Tier 2


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    July 15th - Provo (9 - 3)

    July 20th - Roosevelt (9 - 3)

    August 23rd - Ogden (Time TBD)


    Roosevelt CmapUtah Water Watch Newsletter

    Read our program updates in the Utah Water Watch Summer Newsletter.  We have some new staff changes new volunteer projects.   Summer Newsletter 2017


    UWRI videoHarmful Algal Blooms

    This time of year it is important to keep an eye out for potential harmful algal blooms.  These blooms sometimes produce toxins that are harmful to humans and animals and it is best to be safe when any are suspected.  These algae usually float on the surface or may be dispersed in the water column.  For information about confirmed sightings and warnings in Utah, visit the Utah Division of Water Quality.

    For additional information, including identification, visit Utah Water Watch.

                        Become a Citizen Monitor

    Utah Water Watch trainingJoin us for Utah Water Watch training provided throughout the state.  We will be holding training for volunteers who help monitor local water bodies.  Training includes basic information about watersheds, water quality and techniques used to monitor the health of our water.  If interested, check out Utah Water Watch for more program information or the calendar for upcoming locations and dates.