Carbon County


  • Contact Lorien Belton at for more information.  
  • Please note: Participants from Emery County are now meeting with the Parker Mountain (PARM) LWG group. Contact Dave Dahlgren at for more information.

CaCoARM tries to meet on third Wednesdays of months when there is a meeting. Unless otherwise noted, the CaCoARM LWG meets as indicated below:

Winter meeting (January or February)

  • Review any WRI projects related to sage-grouse in the area
  • Policy and partner updates as appropriate

Spring meeting (as needed)

  • Policy or partner updates as appropriate
  • Updates and coordination regarding habitat or other project implementation and research projects.

Summer field tour: (June or July)

  • Past project visits and updates
  • Future habitat improvement project identification and planning

Fall meeting:(November or December; sometimes two meetings, one in Sept, if need arises)

  • Discuss project updates
  • Consider any new threats and any actions to take
  • Propose new projects for funding in the upcoming year
  • Partner and policy updates as appropriate

To be placed on mailing list and or for specific meeting location and times please contact Lorien Belton or Dave Dahlgren.

State of Utah

Castle Country Sage-grouse Conservation Plan

A note about the CaCoARM plan:. This is an adaptive plan, it will be reviewed annually and therefore is likely to be amended, changed, updated, and reported upon but it will not be ignored and just put on the shelf as a monumental accomplishment of those involved.

Sage-grouse Conservation Plan December 2006



Flagship Project

Please check back for future projects.