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Utah State University Extension provides research-backed information to help individuals, families, policy makers, and educators carefully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and maneuver the challenges the virus brings.

USU Extension Resources You Can Use Today

Because we have all had our routines disrupted, from how we work and play to increased roles as parents, (including becoming teachers!) and how we behave as consumers, new information is needed to help us navigate. Below are resources you can refer to today, and every day, for the coming weeks as we all adjust to a new reality.

Additional USU Extension Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic


Due to school cancellations parents have extended time with children. Here are some ways to handle COVID-19 as parents.


Find checklists and best practices to ensure you are safe in times of crisis. What do you really need to have on hand?

Emergency Preparedness

Preparedness for times of crisis is imperative. Checklists and best practices are included below to help you know what to have on hand.


There are many ways to improve self-reliance. Below you will find information to help.

Business Resources

Business Survival Tips to Weather the COVID-19 Storm

Mental & Emotional Well Being

Crisis can bring uncertainty and anxiety for everyone, but specifically for children. Below is information on how to manage mental and emotional stress in times of crisis.

Latest News and Updates

Ask an Expert: Cleaning with the Coronavirus in Mind

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Ask an Expert: Cleaning with the Coronavirus in Mind

Practicing good hygiene, washing hands for at least 20 seconds, covering a cough or sneeze and avoiding contact with others are all important steps to help thwart the spread of coronavirus.

Is it Safe to Eat Restaurant Foods During Coronavirus Concerns?

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Is it Safe to Eat Restaurant Foods During Coronavirus Concerns?

Currently, there is no evidence that the coronavirus spreads via foods. Instead, it is spread person-to-person. This includes spread via an infected person’s bodily fluids that are present in aerosols (coughs or sneezes) and on surfaces.

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