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Youth Enrollment

Learn more about if 4-H Mentoring is a good fit for your child below. You can sign up for free by clicking on the Youth Enrollment form. After submitting, a Mentoring Site Coordinator will contact you with more information and will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

  • Note that 4-H Mentoring only serves youth, ages 9-15, in Utah County
  • If you are interested in other 4-H Programming (STEM, FCS, Animals, Youth Leadership, etc.),
    please contact the 4-H Office at 385-268-6531

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What is 4-H Mentoring? 

Utah County 4-H Mentoring is a nationally recognized program that began in 2001. The program focuses on positive youth development through mentoring, club activities, and family events. 

Youth meet weekly for an hour with their mentor. Mentors are young adults who act as a friend, guide, and advocate. All mentors are interviewed, reference checked, and fingerprint checked through the FBI national database. Your child will be matched with a mentor for a minimum of one year. Your 4-H site coordinator will introduce the mentor to you and your child before your child is officially matched. 
Program Activities:
Mentor/Mentee (M&M)
M&M activities are planned once a month and paid for by the 4-H program for all mentors in the program to bring their mentees. This is an opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet and befriend others in the program while enjoying recreational, service, or educational activities. 

Family Night Out (FNO)
FNO activities are provided monthly by mentoring staff. These activities provide fun opportunities for families to bond. All costs are covered by the 4-H. Activities have included ice skating, service projects, Butterfly Museum, sporting events, Clas Ropes Course, and more! 

Family Camp
This occurs once a year in the summer. Families that attend, enroll, and participate in a series of activities on an overnight camping trip. Family camp is an opportunity to bond and create family memories. Recent family camps have been provided at little to no cost in Midway, UT and Alpine, Wyoming. 
Weekly Club:
4-H site coordinators provide weekly club meetings for about an hour afterschool. These are an opportunity for youth to get involved and meet others in the program. 

Communicate with your Mentor and Site Coordinator
Each youth is assigned a young adult mentor. It is vital that you communicate with the mentor. Mentors will be meeting with their assigned youth each week. Your site coordinator (4-H Staff) will be communicating with you each month regarding activities and updates. Please be open in your communication with them. 

Youth meet weekly with their mentor
Youth will meet once a week for an hour with their mentor. This can happen at home or in the community. There will be times when your child cannot meet or the mentor is unavailable. It is important with your assigned mentor. 

Attend Family Night Out Activities
We hold monthly FNO activities. Some months may have more than one. We ask that you attend at least six each year. These are typically on Monday evening or Saturday morning/afternoon. These are always fun and dinner is provided. 

Some examples of previous FNO activities include: ice skating, hiking, service projects, self-defense class, fitness day, and water games or parks.
Mentoring Site locations (7 Sites - Utah County)
  • See "Directory" tab for details and contact information for each site
Mentoring, fundamentally, provides young individuals with the assurance that there is someone who genuinely cares for them, ensuring they do not face life's daily challenges in isolation and affirming their sense of importance.

Research substantiates that high-quality mentoring relationships exert profound and positive impacts on young people across personal, educational, and career domains. In the end, mentoring serves as the conduit through which young individuals access personal development, social integration, and economic prospects.

One out of every three young people will mature without this invaluable resource.

Research shows that kids matched with a mentor are:
  1. More confident
  2. More likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol
  3. Do better in school
  4. Get along better with their family and friends
  5. Feel better about themselves
  6. Experience fewer depressive symptoms
Learn more about the impact of mentoring HERE.