Stronger Marriage Connection Podcast with Doctor Dave and Doctor Liz

Stronger Marriage Connection Podcast With Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz

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001: Get to Know Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz

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The doctors are in the house! In this introductory episode, meet Dr. Dave Schramm, a family life professor and extension specialist at Utah State University, and co-host Dr. Liz Hale, licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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005:Turn Resentment into Compassion

In this week’s episode, Liz and Dave interview Dr. Steven Stosny – author, educator, researcher, and one of the top marriage experts in the world. Dr. Stosny explains the underlying causes of disconnection, anger, and emotional abuse and how compassion – ...

004: Key to a Happy Marriage

Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz discuss that the foundation for true connection is within ourselves. We will be talking about four guiding principles that will help you develop a meaningful marriage. Come to discover your strengths, learn how to turn towards your sp...

003: How to Develop True Intimacy

In this week’s episode, Stacy Goulding, shares her unique perspective on true intimacy. Whether you are a newlywed excited to kickstart your marriage in the bedroom, a parent hoping to better prepare your teen or adult child for healthy marital intimacy, ...

002: Commitment in Marriage

In this week’s episode, Bill Doherty, explains the importance of both boundaries and intimacy in avoiding the consumer marriage. He describes how you can avoid the dangers of believing you are a marriage expert, detect harmful marital therapy, navigate ma...

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