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001: Get to Know Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz

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The doctors are in the house! In this introductory episode, meet Dr. Dave Schramm, a family life professor and extension specialist at Utah State University, and co-host Dr. Liz Hale, licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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091: Answering Audience Questions

Join the Stronger Marriage Connection team as they tackle audience questions on parenthood, mental health, infertility, and illness, offering insightful advice and heartfelt stories.

090: Side Hustles for Marriage Couples

In today’s episode, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz welcome Alec Atkinson, founder and CEO of Harvest React, to discuss side hustles for married couples. Alec shares insights on starting and managing side hustles, the importance of financial freedom, and the impact ...

0089: How To Keep Your Marriage Couple-Centered

In this informative episode of the Stronger Marriage Connection podcast, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist Sean Grover discusses with Dr. Liz Hale the challenges of maintaining a couple-centered marriage amidst the demands of parenting. ...

088: Building Trust and Emotional Safety

In this episode of the Stronger Marriage Connection Podcast, hosts Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale sit down with licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kyle Barth. They discuss the foundation of healthy relationships, focusing on trust, boundaries, and ...

087: Marriage and Relationships Check-ups

In today’s episode of Stronger Marriage Connection, hosts Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale welcome Dr. James Cordova to discuss the concept of relationship checkups. Just like regular doctor or dental checkups, Dr. Cordova advocates for regular relations...

086: Find Help for Eating Disorders

In this important episode of the Stronger Marriage Connection podcast, Dr. Lauren Barnes shares her extensive knowledge about eating disorders and body image, exploring their impact on individuals and relationships. Offering hope and healing, Dr. Barnes d...

085: Resources for Positivity

In Episode 85 of "Stronger Marriage Connection," Dr. Dave Schramm talks with Dr. Liz about his extensive experience and the wealth of resources available for enhancing family and marital relationships. He shares insights on various tools and methods, such...

084: Sexual Intimacy for High and Low Desire Partners

In this episode of the "Stronger Marriage Connection" podcast, hosts Dave Schramm and Liz Hale are joined by certified sex therapist Jessa Zimmerman. They delve into common sexual issues faced by couples, focusing on sexual desire discrepancies and strate...

083: Keeping Your Marriage Strong

In today’s episode, hosts Liz Hale and Dave Schramm talk with Arlene Pellicane, an author and speaker specializing in marriage and parenting. As the national spokesperson for National Marriage Week, Arlene shares insightful tips for nurturing a strong mar...

082: Gottman's 7 Day Love Prescription

In episode 82, Dave Schramm and Liz Hale explore the profound insights of doctors John and Julie Gottman's latest book, "The Seven Day Love Prescription". They delve into practical advice taken from extensive research on thousands of couples, focusing on ...

081: The Soulmate Myth

This episode debunks the soulmate myth. It explores the impact of the soulmate thinking on relationships and discusses how lasting connections are forged through intentional effort and growth.

080: Navigating Faith Crisis in Marriage

In this insightful episode of "Stronger Marriage Connection," hosts Liz Hale and Dave Schramm engage in a powerful discussion with Dr. Carly LeBaron about the complexities of and navigational strategies for couples facing faith crises and faith transition...

079: Marriage and Raising Children with Autism

In this episode, Sage Allen discusses the stresses and challenges she's encountered with her son who has severe autism and how this affects her marriage. Sage opens up about the raw realities of day-to-day care, and how important it is to make time for b...

078: Making Marriage Work

Mark and Jill Savage, a couple who have worked through infidelity. They have been married nearly 40 years now. Together they share why they decided to make things work rather than divorce and open up about how they've been able to make their marriage stro...

077: Prioritizing Fun In Your Marriage

In this podcast Dave and Liz talk with Amberly Lambertsen about the importance of prioritizing fun in your relationship. From laughing at the little things and making time for fun date nights to sharing silly memes to planning and talking about your next ...

071: Gray Divorce

Lori joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to discuss the common issues that result in a mid-life or “gray” divorce.

0070 – Sex is For Women

Ariel joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to discuss the complex dynamics of sex in a relationship and how women can feel empowered in their sexuality.

069: Struggling with Inadequacy

Natasha joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to talk about the struggles that women face with feelings of inadequacy and simple tips to overcoming these feelings.

067: Sexual Mindfulness

On today’s episode of the stronger marriage connection, Dr. Chelom Leavitt, J.D., Ph.D., will explore with Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz how to intentionally slow your mind and body to build awareness and create better connection during sex.

066: Overcoming Sexual Frustration

On today’s episode of the stronger marriage connection, Dave and Liz with Tammy Hill, educator, LMFT, ASSECT, and author discuss how to overcome rejection, desire difference, and stale sex. Explore new ways to replenish your partner and build beauty in yo...

065: Christmas Memories and Traditions

December is a time of celebration for many that include cultural traditions. The holidays can be many things for many people: great joy, chaos, solemn reflection or new beginnings. Join us as we discuss Christmas memories, traditions, and share some tips ...

064: Tips for Managing In-laws and Family Gatherings

Relationships with extended family can be tricky or sometimes difficult and anxiety inducing. Dr. John Gottman says, "Every marriage is a cross-cultural experience." Whether we come from similar cultures or not, together we create a brand new culture with...

060:Managing Money in Marriage

Ryan Law joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to discuss managing money within strong marriages. He talks about the importance of assuming the best and the 5 Money Habits to financial success.

056: Saving a Second Marriage from Divorce

: Mike and Heidi Condie join Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to talk about their experience from almost separating to having a strong healthy marriage. Mike and Heidi vouch that if they can get through the challenges that they have worked through, then ...

055: How to Change Your Marriage Mindset

Ted Lowe joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to discuss how to change your marriage mindset in order to change your relationship. Ted believes that you can change your marriage by first changing your thoughts.

054: Finding Financial Harmony in Marriage

Ryan Law joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to discuss how partners can have a healthy money relationship. Ryan talks about the importance of regular financial planning meetings and understanding your partner’s attitudes, beliefs and experiences wit...

053: Making Love Last

On today’s episode, the well known author, Kyle Benson joins Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz to discuss the simple principles that make marriage last. Kyle discusses the profound effectiveness of Emotion Focused Therapy in the stabilization of relationships.

052:The Magic of Matchmaking

On today's episode, the Netflix hit Aleeza Ben Shalom, from “Jewish Matchmaking” joins Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz to discuss the magic of matchmaking. Discover what matchmaking is, if it is for you, and how you can build a better marriage based on lessons Aleez...

051: Beating the Odds in Marriage

On today's episode, Dr. Lee Baucom joins us, and we have a great discussion about intentionality and actively creating a stronger marriage connection both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

048: Relationship Hack - The Seven Primal Questions

Learn about the 7 primal questions that all humans are seeking to answer if their lives, careers and especially their relationships. Discover with Dave, Liz and Mike how to remedy these questions and understand their answers and how that works in your lif...

047: How to Escape the Dating Game

Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz sit down with life coach Julie Balkman and discuss the dating game when it comes to relationships and how to get out of the game and develop healthy happy relationships without the runaround.

046: Marriage and Money Matters

Dr. Ashley LeBaron-Black tackles the hard conversation “How do I manage money in marriage.” Join us to learn how conversations about money can connect you and your partner rather than pull you apart.

044:Saving a Marriage On The Brink

Sam and Ember were on the verge of divorce for several years. They were a couple that Dr. Liz Hale worked with in her private practice, and they are willing to no longer be private but go public and share how they miraculously turned their marriage around...

043: How To Overcome Roommate Syndrome

Do you ever feel like your partner is more like a roommate than a spouse? This isn’t uncommon for couples to experience, and is actually a feature of marriage than a bug. Listen about “Roommate Syndrome” and how being in this rut can act as a catalyst for...

042: A Better Approach for Dating & Marriage

John Van Epp brings to light important things we can do when selecting a life partner. How to strengthen those relationships. We learn predictors of long-term relationships and how to navigate both red and green flags in relathionships.

040: Basic Needs for Healthy Relationships

Discussion on how we can foster our basic needs in our relationships. Dr. Matt shares seven principles that we can use to increase our marriage connections: Safety, Trust, Appreciation, Respect, Validation, Encouragement, and Dedication.

039: Respond to your partners needs, not behaviors

On today’s podcast of Stronger Marriage Connection, Dave and Liz talk to Dr. Cole Ratcliffe about how we often get stuck in bad behaviors in our marriage relationships. Dr. Ratcliffe explains five steps that help eliminate bad behavior and provides some t...

038: Navigating the Newlywed Years

Our conversation today is with Dr. Jeremy Boden who talks about the importance realistic and hopeful expectation have in creating a stronger marriage connection. By committing to our partner and being aware of their needs, we can build our relationships i...

037: Brain Habits for Hacking Happiness

On today’s episode of the stronger marriage connection, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz have a great conversation with Dr. Alex Korb talking about the little things we can do to create a stronger marriage connection. Happiness hacks start with us which then can tran...

036: Taking Your Marriage from Good to Great

On today’s episode of the stronger marriage connection, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz sit down with Dr. Terri Orbuch who is also known as the love doctor and discuss taking your marriage from good to great. From communication to frustration to positivity and manag...

035: Overcoming Sexual Struggles in Marriage

On today’s episode, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz talk with Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife about healthy sexuality and why many struggle in this area. She also discusses how to develop the capacity for deeper emotional and sexual intimacy. She shares the number one g...

034: Love and Constructive Conflict

On today’s episode of the stronger marriage connection, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz sit down with Chad Ford, author of the book Dangerous Love, to discuss some tips and tools about how we can change the conflict patterns within our relationships.

033: Mindfulness in Marriage

Listen in to the Stronger Marriage Connection as Dave and Liz sit down with Dr. Jacob Hess, a master of mindfulness, to discuss the realities of love and romance & what is hijacking relationships today.

032: Safe Conversations

Clay and Sonja Arnold, relational coaches and communication experts, discuss safe conversations - what they are and how couples can use them to decrease negativity and foster more connection in their relationships.

030: Tackling Money in your Marriage

Taylor and Megan Kovar, also known as the money couple, share the strategies and resources they offer couples in handling money in marriage. Listen in to find out what you can do to avoid financial infidelity and create financial freedom today!

029: Becoming a Smart Step Family

Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz sit down with author and expert on blended families, Ron L. Deal, to bring you the leading research, tips and tools about how to create successful step family relationships.

027: Marriage Takes Real Unconditional Love

Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz Take a deep dive into the topic of unconditional love in marriage with Dr. Greg Baer. Greg shares principles and insights about real love, how it can transform your marriage and parenting. Giving 5 steps to real love.

026:Sexual Intimacy

Dan talks with us about the importance of keeping our relationships close and connected. Sharing some great tips to help couples navigate this important topic and offering some excellent resources for you to learn more.

025: Therapy for Relationship Wellness

Join the conversation today as Dave and Liz invite doctors Don and Carrie Cole, founders of the Center for Relationship Wellness, onto the stronger marriage connection podcast to bring you some amazing tools and strategies for creating more connection in ...

024: Marriage Happy Hacks

Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz discuss some of the top tips they call “Happy Hacks” that help us flourish as individuals and bring more happiness into our relationships.

022: Turning Conflict into Connection

Emil Harker, a respected therapist and talented author, to give you some practical tips and tools for turning conflict into connection and closeness. By following a few powerful principles, we all have the ability to use inevitable conflict for good in ou...

021: Preparing for Marriage & Surviving the First Year

Join in today on the Stronger Marriage podcast as Dave and Liz sit down with Mark Ogletree, a professional marriage and family educator, to guide you through how to not just survive, but thrive in your marriage. Whether you’re a fiance, newlywed, or long-...

020: Discernment Counseling

Podcast discusses the power of discernment counseling. Join us to learn how couples facing crisis can avoid divorce and strengthen their marriage by utilizing discernment.

017: Getting to the Heart of Connection

Dr. Wally Goddard joins Liz & Dave to explore how humility, curiosity, and understanding are at the heart of true human connection. As we refine our own character, we perceive our partner with new eyes and experience true joy in our relationship. Listen i...

016: Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts

What are the most important things couples need to know before they get married? Dave and Liz discuss with Dr. Les Parrott advice for newlyweds, engaged couples or married people based off of years of research and working with couples.

015: Countering Marriage Myths

Richard and Linda Eyre discuss their latest book, The 8 Myths of Marriaging; enlightening relationship truths that dispelling common myths that can harm marital connection. Join the conversation and see how you can strengthen your marital connection by di...

014: Navigating the Holidays After Betrayal

Betrayal during the holiday season can cause feelings of joy and celebration to turn sour. However, there is hope. Dr. Jill Manning joins Liz to share her expertise in navigating the holidays after betrayal. Get cozy and tune in for a recipe for holiday h...

013: A New Perspective on Pornography

In today’s episode, Dr. Staley discusses how to develop purpose in life during and after compulsive sexual behavior usage, AKA pornography. Join us today as we discuss strategies of hope in recovery for spouses, parents and viewers of pornography.

012: What Happened to Our Connection?

People are more important than problems. In this week’s episode, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz dive into the deep end of the relationship pool. Using the metaphor of a swimming pool, they discuss the importance of maintenance and consistently adding cups of connec...

011: Better You For a Better Marriage

Couple named least likely to succeed in marriage, Casey & Meygan share their success story with Dave and Liz on this week’s episode of Strong Marriage Connection. Tune in to hear more about Marriage365, COVID’s impacts on marriage, and practical things yo...

010: Connection First

John Howard, talks about his book, More Than Words: The Science of Deepening Love and Connection in Any Relationship, and shares what neuroscience is teaching us about emphasizing connection over communication.

009: Celebrating Anniversaries

What can I do today to make my partner's life more worth living? In this week's episode, Dave and Liz discuss the importance of celebrating anniversaries in our relationships. Marital drift happens to the best of us. Liz shares these 4 tips: be authentic...

008: Turning a Difficult Marriage Around

Giving hope to struggling couples, John Forte joins Dave & Liz to share how it is possible for anyone to develop an extraordinary marriage. John shares his own challenges with divorce and death and describes how couples can restore connection with presen...

007: Tech Effects on Connection

In this episode, Dave and his guest, Brandon McDaniel, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation, discuss the effects of technology usage on our relationships. While Brandon emphasizes that “not all technology is...

006: Am I in an Abusive Relationship

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In this week’s episode, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz are joined by Jill Anderson, CEO of CAPSA (Citizens Against Physical & Sexual Assault) who discusses how to recognize signs of abuse and shares resources a...

005: Turn Resentment into Compassion

In this week’s episode, Liz and Dave interview Dr. Steven Stosny – author, educator, researcher, and one of the top marriage experts in the world. Dr. Stosny explains the underlying causes of disconnection, anger, and emotional abuse and how compassion – ...

004: Key to a Happy Marriage

Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz discuss that the foundation for true connection is within ourselves. We will be talking about four guiding principles that will help you develop a meaningful marriage. Come to discover your strengths, learn how to turn towards your sp...

003: How to Develop True Intimacy

In this week’s episode, Stacy Goulding, shares her unique perspective on true intimacy. Whether you are a newlywed excited to kickstart your marriage in the bedroom, a parent hoping to better prepare your teen or adult child for healthy marital intimacy, ...

002: Commitment in Marriage

In this week’s episode, Bill Doherty, explains the importance of both boundaries and intimacy in avoiding the consumer marriage. He describes how you can avoid the dangers of believing you are a marriage expert, detect harmful marital therapy, navigate ma...

001: Getting to Know Dr. Dav and Dr. Liz

The doctors are in the house! In this introductory episode, meet Dr. Dave Schramm, a family life professor and extension specialist at Utah State University, and co-host Dr. Liz Hale, licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The information provided by the Stronger Marriage Connection Podcast is intended for general information and educational purposes only. The content of the Podcast is not a substitute for professional advice, marriage counseling, or therapy and no content should be construed as personalized advice. The Stronger Marriage Connection Podcast makes no representation or warranty, either express or implied, regarding its content or outcomes derived as a result of listening to the Podcast.