Outdoor Skills Program

The Outdoor Skills Program builds upon the best aspects of our 4-H project areas to engage youth in a skills centered program focused on: building interest and engagement in career related fields, developing life skills that enhance scholastic achievement, and increase interest and engagement in an active healthy outdoor lifestyle.

The Outdoor Skills Program is designed to take youth’s project area skills (cooking, sewing, hiking, camping, etc) and connect them to a college degree and career. 

Outdoor Skill Activities/Events:

  • Outdoor Product Design
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Hiking/Camping
  • Outdoor Education
  • 4-H Birding (Join the state club on ZSuite)
  • 4-H Flyfishing (Join the state club on ZSuite)

2024 Outdoor Skills Camps

*All camp days will have a ZSuite Registration link for 4-H registered and non-registered youth 
*All camp days will be held at the Wheeler Farm Education Center (6475 900 E, Murray, UT 84121)
These camps will cover various outdoor related topics and activities. 

March 9th - 10am -12pm
April 6th - 10am - 12pm
May 4th - 10am - 12pm
June 29th - 10am - 12pm


We live in a wonderful state to enjoy the outdoors! These resources below can help get you outside:

  • Start your own club! We have DISCOVER 4-H Club curriculum to get you started. There are 6 week programs in subjects such as Geology, Forces of Nature, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Education, Wildlife, and much more! Stay tuned as we are in the process of developing curriculum as well. https://utah4h.org/discover/
  • Check the 4-H Curriculum on Environmental and Outdoor Sciences here: https://shop4-h.org/collections/environment-outdoor-science-curriculum
  • We also have mobile labs or check out kits at the office available for checkout including: Yarn and Bead Weaving, Guide to Animal Tracks and Scat, and Outdoor Cooking.
  • Utah Nature Explorers - A wonderful program through USU extension that includes lesson plans, curriculum, and equipment to check out. https://extension.usu.edu/utahnatureexplorers/
  • Every Kid Outdoors – Print free national parks passes for any fourth grader! Website includes lessons on Exploring Federal Lands and Waters, Environmental Stewardship, Our Nation’s Native People, and Citizen Science. Contact a 4-H Staff member to have a someone come to your class to teach a lesson!   https://everykidoutdoors.gov/
  • Please contact the office for questions, mobile labs, and ideas!