Healthy Living

Healthy Living is one of National 4-H’s  mission mandates. Salt Lake County focus on a variety of Healthy Living Activities. 

4-H Healthy Living Possible Clubs:

  • Foods Club- Food Safety, Food Preservation, Food Preparation, Cake Decoration, Outdoor Cooking
  • Fitness Club- Physical health, Sports, Bicycling 
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Emotional and Mental health

County Events:

  • County Contest
    • Favorite Foods Contest
    • 4-H Cooking Challenge
    • Appetite for Adventure
  • Healthy Living TRY (Teens Reaching Youth) Teams 

Salt Lake County thrives to meet the mission mandate from national 4-H

4-H Healthy Living 

Our programming empowers youth to be healthy – body and mind – with the skills to make healthy decisions and lead healthy lifestyles. Having the confidence and skills to lead healthy lifestyles not only improves overall well-being; it enables youth to tackle life’s challenges today and become leaders in their lives, careers and communities as they grow into responsible adulthood.