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Upcoming webinars include "Integrated Pest Management for Weeds" along with "Asian Giant Hornet and Common Lookalike Species". Both webinars are free but require registration. One CEU credit avail for Utah residents.

Preserve your Jack-O-Lanterns

Carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns is an art form that comes in all shapes, sizes, and levels of difficulty. The final product (usually) makes the pumpkin carvers proud and anxious to display their work. However, often just a few days later, the pumpk...

Hemp Disease to Look Out For

Several species of Pythium from both greenhouse and field production of hemp have been identified in Utah. To date we have found three species – Pythium ultimum, P. dissotocum and P. myriotylum. P. ultimum has a wide host range including vegetables and fi...

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