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USU Extension provides tips and advice for gardeners of all skill levels.

USU Extension offers a wide range of courses on gardening topics, including Backyard Chickens, Beginner Farming, Botany, Houseplants, Vegetable Gardening, Managing Garden Pests, Soil, Landscape Design, Lawns, and more.

Guides for Growing & Maintaining Your Yard & Garden

Select a topic below for valuable resources which will assist in making your yard or garden successful this year. Learn more about what has gone into these guides and this website: About USU Extension Yard & Garden.

Monthly Tips & Checklist

Have a hard time remembering what to do and when to do it? Checkout our Gardener's Almanac and get a checklist of things to do each month.

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Gardening Classes Online

Our popular in-person courses have now been brought online so you can view them whenever and however you want. Developed by USU faculty who have thousands of hours of research, we'll show you how to become your best yard, garden, and landscape yet — even if you've failed in the past. USU Extension also offers in-person classes, courses, and workshops, view these events on our calendar.

Visit a Demonstration Garden

The USU Extension gardens throughout the state provide beautifully manicured and curated landscaping as well as education from our specialists. Peruse to see what plants and techniques were used to make these gardens come to life as well as take a class from our on-site experts. USU Extension can also be found at these gardens: Thanksgiving Point, Wheeler Farm, Conservation Gardens.

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